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Sergeant Sapp is a character from Bravely Second: End Layer. He is a low-ranking general of the Glanz Empire, and often paired with Private Piddler.

Profile[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

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He is first seen when Yew Geneolgia and Edea Lee set out to revive Tiz Arrior, ruthlessly ordering an army of Imperial soldiers (including Private Piddler) to kill any Eternian they see, whether they're a soldier or citizen.

He and Piddler finally meet the two, along with Magnolia and Tiz, in Eternian Central Command, where Tiz uses his powers of altering the Encounter Rate to avoid battle with them.

The duo reappears in Ancheim's Grand Mill Works, where Janne orders the two to lead the Amphisbaena toward Yew's party.

They appear once again in Eisenberg piloting the Superd'nought Baël (shortly after the defeat of Angelo), though they arrived a few days late. The Sergeant makes the decision to destroy Hartschild, but Yew's party stopped them by defeating them in battle. Sapp and Piddler then receive a message from the Empire, informing them to immediately return to the Skyhold or be left behind, as well as ordering them to prevent the Baël from falling into enemy hands, with the punishment for failure being a court martial and execution via firing squad. Sapp then orders Piddler to pull the machine's self-destruct lever, but it broke off during the battle. The duo then drive the Baël back to headquarters.

The soldiers encounter Yew's party one last time in the Temple of Water. Apparently, immediately after returning from Eisenberg, the Empire strapped the two to the back of the self-piloting Vucub Caquix before deploying it. The machine then fights against Yew's party immediately after the Water Crystal was overloaded; however, the machine was destroyed.

Sapp and Piddler managed to survive the battle, with the Private replying to Nikolai comments on the robot's destruction, saying he "brought plenty of copper tents this time." Their whereabouts afterwards (as well as in the second timeloop) remain unknown, and so does whether or not they survived longer than that.

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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Sapp & Piddler's Theme" plays during any scenes involving Sergeant Sapp and Private Piddler, as well as the battles against the Superd'nought Baël and the Vucub Caquix.

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