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Serah is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy Maxima, and is a Grymoirian incarnation of Serah Farron originating from Final Fantasy XIII. She is one of the four character representatives of the Final Fantasy XIII series, the other three being Lightning, Snow, and Chocolatte. Serah appears only after the game's main storyline, specifically in a single Intervention Quest.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Laura Bailey / Minako Kotabuki
Age in Grymoire: 18
Notes: Snow's BAE / Icycle's BFF / Lightning's sister / Never agreed to a date
An Extraordinary Soul
During Reynn and Lann's adventures, Serah was only a name uttered by her beloved Snow, but she would later become somewhat involved in the tales of Zack and Hauyn. Even more so than the other Mediums, Serah's original soul had been charged with an extraordinary destiny, which would suggest that a quiet life is not in the cards for her. But Serah's kindness and positive outlook will surely find light in the darkness, no matter what the future holds for Grymoire.
First World of Origin:


Intervention Quests[]

The player can take on an Intervention Quest that centers around Serah.


Completing the Intervention Quest "Angel in the Flower Field" unlocks Serah's Champion Jewel Serah's Champion Jewel, which can be bought at The Girl's Tearoom for two Arma Gem Arma Gems. Equipping this Mirajewel on Reynn makes her take on the appearance of Serah, and inherits the abilities Ultima Arrow Ultima Arrow and Endless Blessings.

Musical theme[]

"Prismelody: Blinded By Light"

"Prismelody: Blinded by Light" plays when Reynn is equipped with Serah's Champion Jewel. The player may also select this theme as the background music for battles from the Config section of the main menu, labeled as "Champion Theme: Lightning".


Serah is a variation of "Sarah". The name Sarah, (שָׂרָה in Hebrew) is the Hebrew name for "princess", or a woman of high rank.