Sephira is a boss in Final Fantasy XII that appears alongside Vayne Novus. Unlike the Rooks fought along with Doctor Cid that buff him, Sephira only attack the player, having a chance of Immobilizing their target. There are five Sephira in the battle, though the pre-battle cutscenes have as many as eight. Sephira are also part of the cinematic display of Vayne Novus's attacks. Sephira have the same stats but varying elemental resistances.

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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Sephira is a battlegen found in the Sky Fortress Bahamut.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Səphīrōth (סְפִירוֹת, medieval Hebrew form of Sephirot; also spelled Sefirot), is a plural noun in Hebrew; the singular is Sephirah (also spelled Sefira). The Sephiroth are described in the Kabbalah as the manifestations of God that allow him to manifest in the physical and metaphysical universes. Sephiroth also means "counting" (of numbers).

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