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An autonomous weapons platform developed by the Advanced Weaponry Division. Deployed to protect mako reactors and other important installations. It opens fire as soon as it detects intruders.

Enemy Intel

The Sentry Ray is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". It is a stationary machine that attacks from afar. It is fought in Mako Reactor 1 and Sector 4 Plate, it being a Shinra Electric Power Company weapon installed to guard Shinra-controlled facilities. In "Episode INTERmission", it appears during the boss battle against The Crimson Mare; if the player advances the boss battle too fast, they skip the part where the gun turrets appear, and thus miss out on Enemy Intel completion.

Sentry Ray (Ranged) is also an immobile unit in the Fort Condor minigame in "Episode INTERmission", bought from Old Snapper.



Abilities in italics lack names in-game and, hence, have unofficial names.

Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magic damage
Ability Range Description Block KB(Knockback)
Magic damage Laser Beam Ranged Fires a laser at target. Y N


The Sentry Ray is often situated at high locations, out of reach from melee attacks. Once the currently controlled player character is in its visible range, it will prepare its laser beam attack and fire in approximately two seconds, which can stun its target. The player cannot interrupt the Sentry Ray once it starts charging up its laser beam attack until it fires. Its actions, when not charging up its laser beam attack, can be interrupted. Much like the vast majority of mechanical enemies, the Sentry Ray is weak against Lightning Lightning. Being a stationary enemy, the Sentry Ray cannot be knocked down in any way, and resists Wind Wind.

Hard Mode[]

On the hard difficulty, the Sentry Ray will fire its laser beam attack more often.


Barret's normal attacks are the best way to interrupt the Sentry Ray, as it will fire its laser beam as soon as the player characters' attacks stop. Barret's Overcharge, or a single cast of Thunder Thunder, will often quickly dispose of the Sentry Ray, since it has very low stats and HP.

Episode INTERmission[]

During the boss battle against Scarlet in her mech suit, the Crimson Mare, she also summons Sentry Rays and Sentry Launchers during the first phase of the boss battle. They can be dealt with quickly using Throw, but deal enough damage that they are high-priority targets. Yuffie can throw her weapon, use Lightning Ninjutsu, and attack with long range lightning-elemental magical ninjutsu; if synergized with Sonon, he will target the same enemy Yuffie does with the same damage type. When Yuffie has the ATB, she can unleash a ranged Windstorm (only usable when not synergized), though the Sentry Ray greatly resists Wind damage. However, when Sonon has Synergy Materia Synergy Materia paired with Lightning Materia Lightning Materia, he will cast a free Thunder Thunder onto Yuffie's target whenever she uses an ATB ability. This setup is especially good in hard mode where the player should conserve MP for the final boss.

The player should be sure to use Assess while the gun turrets are around to not miss out on assessing them before the battle progresses to the next phase.


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