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An autonomous weapons platform developed by the Advanced Weaponry Division. Deployed to protect mako reactors and other important installations. It opens fire as soon as it detects intruders.

Enemy Intel

The Sentry Ray is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a stationary machine that attacks from afar.

The downloadable demo included this enemy.



The Sentry Ray is often situated at high locations, out of reach from melee attacks. Once the currently controlled player character is in its visible range, it will prepare its laser beam attack and fire in approximately two seconds, which can stun its target. The player cannot interrupt the Sentry Ray once it starts charging up its laser beam attack until it fires.

Hard ModeEdit

On the hard difficulty, the Sentry Ray will fire its laser beam attack more often.


Much like the vast majority of mechanical enemies, the Sentry Ray is weak against Lightning Lightning. Its actions, when not charging up its laser beam attack, can be interrupted. Barret's normal attacks are the best way to do so, as it will fire its laser beam as soon as the player characters' attacks stop. Barret's Overcharge, or a single cast of Lightning Thunder Thunder will often quickly dispose of the Sentry Ray, since it has very slow stats and HP.

Being a stationary enemy, the Sentry Ray cannot be knocked down in any way.


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