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Turn your crystal energy into armor, nullifying up to half your maximum HP's worth of damage.

Sentinel (センチネル, Senchineru?) is a defensive ability in the Final Fantasy series. The ability is often associated with the Paladin job, having the ability to draw enmity from enemies and reducing incoming enemy damage to the user.

Despite sharing the same name in most English localizations, the Sentinel ability from Final Fantasy X is not the same skill in the Japanese releases.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Sentinel is available to Paladins at level 30. When this ability is activated the user receives a 90% damage reduction and enmity comparable to Provoke is generated. The damage reduction steadily decays to 40%, whereupon the effect wears off. Enmity for all actions appears to be doubled while Sentinel is in effect. Usage of this ability will instantly produce an amount of enmity comparable to that of a Provoke. While this ability is in effect, the amount of enmity generated by other abilities, such as spells or Shield Bash, is increased. It has a recast time of 5 minutes and a duration of 30 seconds.

The leg armor, Valor Leggings, when used in conjunction with Sentinel, give an extra 10% damage reduction, resulting in 100% damage reduction when the ability is used. This steadily decays to 50% damage reduction at the end of the duration. When combined with equipment that reduces physical damage, the damage reduction from the equipment is applied separately.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Sentinel icon.

Sentinel learned by reaching level 38 in the Gladiator class, Sentinel is an ability that reduces damage taken by 30% when used, with a duration of 15 seconds, making it best suited against heavy attacks. It has a recast time of 120 seconds.

Final Fantasy XV[]

In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Sentinel is an ability that reduces damage taken. It has stronger II and X versions, and is mostly found on shields. Sentinel can be added via Greatsnake Crest. Sentinel II can be added via Ghastly Left Arm.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Icon in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Sentinel grants the user a large defense bonus and draws both physical and black magic attacks to them. While specifically named after Cecil's Unique Soul Break, other abilities that grant the same effect are called Sentinel. High Sentinel adds magic resistance as well.

Final Fantasy Explorers[]

Sentinel is a sword skill that creates a temporary barrier that absorbs damage up to 50% of the user's maximum HP.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Sentinel is an upgraded version of Cover, it has considerably higher activation rate and 50% damage reduction. It is learned by Cecil, Warrior of Light, Rasler, and Libertus. A different version is learned by the Paine unit that is based on the X-2 version of Sentinel.



A sentinel is a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching.