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Senior Grunt is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII, fought at several points in the game when the party is searching for Huge Materia. Its HP is low and its attacks are weak, keeping it from being a notable enemy.

Grunts and their variations each have four kanji on their arms. Senior Grunt's kanji say "form is emptiness" (色即是空, Shikisoku Ze Kū?), referencing a Buddhist paradox, "Form is emptiness, emptiness is form."



# Formation
772 Senior Grunt, Gun Carrier
774 Row 1: Hard Attacker
Row 2: Senior Grunt A, Senior Grunt B
775 Row 1: Gun Carrier
Row 2: Senior Grunt (Back Attack)
817 Row 1: Attack Squad A, Attack Squad B
Row 2: Senior Grunt
819 Senior Grunt


Underwater Reactor
Walkway 772, 774, 775 (Back Attack)
Corridor 772, 774, 775 (Back Attack)
Core 772, 775 (Back Attack)
Rocket Town
Rocket Launching Pad 817 (event)
Shinra No. 26
Cockpit Hallway 819 (event)

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main
   Choose Random Opponent
   If (Senior Grunt is in Front Row) Then
      1/4 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = Water Wave
      1/4 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = Harrier Beam
      1/2 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = <Handclaw>
   } Else {
      1/4 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = Water Wave
      1/4 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = <Handclaw>
      1/2 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = Harrier Beam
   Use TempVar:ChosenAtt on Target


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