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Selphie is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. She wields nunchaku in battle, and her Limit Break is Slot that draws up various random magic spells. Selphie is also available as a Triple Triad card and challenger. Selphie acts as the party leader during the Missile Base mission.

Party member

Selphie joins the party outside the Dollet communication tower during the SeeD exam. Her intro pose is to hop with her nunchaku behind her, before swinging it in front of her. Her victory pose is to jump up in the air and swing her weapon, striking a cutesy pose, shaking a hip.


Selphie's Flail.

Selphie wields oversized nunchaku in battle. Equipping more advanced models will increase Selphie's attack power and hit accuracy. Selphie's ultimate weapon, the Strange Vision, is the only weapon apart from the gunblade that has natural 255% accuracy.

Selphie's weapon is called "Nunchaku" in the NTSC versions of Final Fantasy VIII, but in the English PAL version they are known as "Shinobou" due to nunchaku's status as an illegal weapon in UK at the time.

There are four nunchaku models available for Selphie:

Limit Break

The End.

Selphie's Limit Break, Slot, allows her to cast spells from a random spell pool. Each spell can be cast up to three times in succession. The player can "Do over" Slot indefinitely. In the game's PlayStation version it is possible to "cheat" while executing the Limit Break: before selecting a spell, one can open the disc cover and the enemy will not attack, thus one can "Do over" until one encounters the desired spell.

Aside from the usual magic encountered throughout the game, Selphie has four spells solely available for her in Slot:

  • Full-cure - Restores all party members' HP and removes all status effects.
  • Wall - Casts Protect and Shell on all party members.
  • Rapture - Wings appear and carry enemies away. It does not work on enemies immune to eject.
  • The End - The party instantaneously wins the battle. Works against all enemies apart from undead creatures and the percentile range for this particular slot coming up is low.

In the Japanese version Selphie's spell Rapture is named Levitaga, i.e. a third level Float spell.


LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 211 1 1 5 2 15 18
10 559 7 6 11 9 17 19
20 937 14 10 17 13 20 20
30 1307 20 15 22 18 21 21
40 1670 25 18 27 23 24 21
50 2024 30 21 32 27 26 22
60 2371 34 24 36 30 28 23
70 2710 38 26 40 33 30 24
80 3042 41 27 43 35 33 25
90 3365 43 28 46 37 34 26
100 3680 45 28 49 38 37 26


Template:See Also The below values are the base compatibility values at the start of the game.

GF Compatibility
Quezacotl Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Shiva Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Ifrit Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Siren Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Brothers Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Diablos Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Carbuncle Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Leviathan Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Pandemona Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Cerberus Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Alexander Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Doomtrain Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Bahamut Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Cactuar Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Tonberry Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Eden Expression error: Unexpected / operator.

Triple Triad


Template:FFVIII Card


After Balamb Garden becomes mobile, Selphie becomes available to challenge to a match of Triple Triad. When not in Squall's party she frequents the Balamb Garden second floor classroom (possibly updating her site) where she can be challenged, but she doesn't play any rare cards.


Selphie's website

Selphie's website.

Template:See Also Selphie's main "sidequest" is the collection of Timber Maniacs magazines that has Selphie add new entries to her Sir Laguna's Page, viewable from the Balamb Garden Study Panel. Selphie updates a blog as well that gains new entries after cleared storyline scenarios.

Optional scenes with Selphie

At the beginning of the game Selphie will bump into Squall and the player has an option to give her a tour of the Garden premises. If Squall then visits the quad before taking the Fire Cavern mission, he will find Selphie who chases after him in the hopes of getting him to join the Garden Festival Committee. Selphie recognizes Squall if he gave her a tour of the Garden. If the player joins the Festival Committee at this point, Selphie's dialog will change at the SeeD graduation dance, prompting Squall to work hard in the festival besides doing well in SeeD.

When the party is on its way to Timber they pass by the Balamb Town gas station. If they return to this area and speak to the gas station attendant, Zell will boast about his pull-ups record, but Selphie is less than impressed. If the player accepts Irvine's initial party set-up when leaving Galbadia Garden, Selphie will display mock infatuation with him.

If the player enters Missile Base on foot without the Galbadian vehicle, Selphie's party is denied entry and she gets rude with the guard, telling him "up yours". If the player brings Selphie to liberate Balamb, she has a unique scene in Zell's room where he is annoyed she is acting too much like "at home". Not taking Selphie's side has the player's SeeD rank drop. After the town is liberated, the player can talk to a chef on the harbor with Selphie in the party to get a scene where Selphie talks about her favorite food being Ms Moogle's Cake.

Selphie with the computer terminal.

When the party visits Trabia Garden, before heading to the basketball court the player can trigger various scenes with Selphie: talking to her friend, comforting the kids about her lost teddy bear, visiting her friends' graves, and turning off a computer terminal that displays Selphie's personal information when it comes back online.

Selphie is the default party member to pilot the Ragnarok while on its flight deck.

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