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A Selkie community led by the gruff Vaigali. The Selkies are a proud, tightly-knit tribe, which can at times lead to xenophobic behaviour. Vaigali strictly forbids criminal activity in the community, which some of the younger Selkies find cumbersome, prompting them to head towards the big city.

The ship in which the Selkies make their home is named the Izmayel. In Vaigali’s younger days, he took the ship out to look for legendary treasure trove of sunken treasure. However, an encounter with local pirates led to a fierce battle, and though Vaigali emerged victorious, the Izmayel was badly damaged.

The Guild Master’s chamber. It was formerly the mess hall of the Izmayel. Since the entire ship is slanted to one side, non-Selkies often find their sense of equilibrium disrupted during their stay.

In-game description

The Selkie Guild is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is the home of the Selkie tribe, located onboard the sailing ship Izmael, which wrecked in a cove after Vaigali tried to use it to sail in search of treasure."

The guild is visited by those who are willing to pay for information of any kind, as the Selkie tribe is known for being experts in gathering rumors and tracking people from all over the land.

Layle and Keiss travel to the guild so that Keiss can attempt to negotiate with Vaigali; when Layle returns much later, he finds it devoid of Selkies except for Belle, as they have all been kidnapped by Jegran and imprisoned in the giant floating fortress above the desert that serves as the Lilty Kingdom's prison facility. The duo resolve to return the inhabitants to their home.

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