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The self-revival glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy XII, which allows player characters to revive themselves via Phoenix Down, Raise or Arise immediately after they have been knocked out. Apart from strict timing, the lethal blow must be an action with a definite effect index.

The effect capacity must not be saturated for both the lethal blow and the reviving action, meaning attacks (basic ones and the ultimate skills that occupy the whole effect capacity) or ailment effects will not work with this glitch.

The second part of the reviving effect must come slightly after the damage figure shows. Usually when the targeting line of the single attack spell just pops, it is the right moment to initiate the revival command. If successful, the second part of the reviving effect will not display, but the unit will not fall, either. Instead, the recovery figure will display immediately afterward.

The glitch will not be triggered if the incoming area-of-effect spell is not targeting directly at the one to be revived. Also if there is only one active party member alive and player is able to time the revival action correctly, the system will instead ask player to switch other character from the reserve or simply show the Game Over screen if there is no one left.