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The wind is strong here. Legend has it that from this cave, each and every gust of wind is born. I wonder why the wind here chills my face. It must have been born just moments ago. Perhaps it will blow across the land, growing warmer with each memory it gathers. The wind then plays it part by carrying those memories everywhere it goes. And once it has finished, here it shall return.

Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
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Selepation Cave.

The Selepation Cave (セレパティオン洞窟, Serepation Doukotsu?) is a vast grotto from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It lies to the south of the Fields of Fum. Legend has it that this cave is the origin of all wind; the cave itself is very cold, with Ice Bomb, Cockatrices, Gigas, Blazer Beetles, and Lizardmen.

At the core of the cave is a giant Cave Worm who is a great beast with mastery over the wind. On the second cycle (or with a high bonus score on the first cycle), the Cave Worm drops a Thunder Ring.


Selepation Cave is a very large, very icy cavern. It is plagued with spots of water where the Sahagins dwell; they jump out at the player when disturbed. The cave is equally a labyrinth as it is a dungeon. Though the dungeon boss can be quickly reached, scouring the cave for treasure can prove to be very rewarding. There are different ways the player can gain access to parts of the cave. The first being crystal switches and the latter being elevators.

When activated, the switches open up their respective gates. To activate the switches the player(s) must strike the dangling crystals in rapid succession. Magic-based attacks won't activate the switch, so a Focus Attack or combo hit should be executed.

Moogle's Nest[]

The entrance to the moogle's dwelling is located in the southern most part of the the middle section of the cave.

Hot Spot[]

There is only 1 Hot Spot found at Selepation Cave. It is located in western part of the the second half of the cave and is the element Wind.


Cycle 2 onwards
  • Lizardman (Spear)
  • Sonic Bat
Cycles 3 Onwards
  • Lizardman (Mace)
Support Monster

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays in the Selepation Cave is "Voice of Wind, Song of Time". It is a quiet and sorrowful tune.