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Sekiseigumi Barracks.

The Sekiseigumi is a faction in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, who act as the main peacekeeping force in the city of Kugane, the only open port of the island nation of Hingashi. They can be identified by their red samurai garments.


As Hingashi abides by a rigid caste system, wherein one's status in society is inherited rather than earned, the Sekiseigumi offers the rare opportunity to escape the shackles of one's birth. Many Sekiseigumi become samurai in pursuit of changing the system, and none among their ranks was born into a samurai family; they are a ragtag band gathered from the lower rungs of society, yet they are patriots. They depend on bakufu coin, and not a particularly generous sum of it. They are often stretched thin, even at the best of times.

To foreigners—ijin—the Sekiseigumi are a force not to be trifled with. They punish breaches of the peace severely, and are known to exile foreigners permanently for a single violation, though this is uncommon—they are more likely to execute the offending party on the spot. Rare is the week in which the tale of an ijin being arrested under dubious pretext is not heard. In one known instance, a foreign merchant dared lay hand upon a Hingan aristocrat and one of their samurai cut him down in a single stroke.


The Sekiseigumi's name likely takes inspiration from the Shinsengumi, a special police force organized by the bakufu government of Japan during the Bakumatsu period.