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Seiken is Beatrix's skillset in Final Fantasy IX that allows her to use a handful of Steiner's Sword Arts while she is briefly playable as a guest during Battle of Alexandria. Beatrix uses all of her Seiken skills during the three boss battles against her, though with different attributes than the Swd Art/Seiken versions,

List of skills[]

Ability Effect MP Cost Image
Thunder Slash Causes Thunder damage to the enemy. 24 FFIX Seiken Thunder Slash.png
Stock Break Causes Non-elemental damage to all enemies. 26 FFIX Seiken Stock Break.png
Climhazzard Causes Non-elemental damage to all enemies. 32 Climhazzard-Seiken.png
Shock Deals physical damage to the enemy. 46 FFIX Seiken Shock.png

Other appearances[]

Beatrix uses her Seiken abilities in spin-off appearances in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Etymology and origin[]

The ability is called "Holy Sword" in Japanese, a recurring skillset in the Final Fantasy series, often used by the Paladin job. Beatrix's Seiken appears based on Holy Sword, the action ability of the Holy Knight class in Final Fantasy Tactics.