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Seigetsu the Enlightened is a Namazu from Yanxia and is the primary questgiver for the Namazu Beast Tribe Quests.



Seigetsu the Enlightened was born as Gyofun. However, he took on his current name and cast aside his birth name after reading a copious amount of books. He has since devoted himself to intellectual and cultural pursuits, and wished the Namazu would follow.

For a while, the Namazu ignored most of his efforts to "enlighten" his race. Seigetsu found an opportunity, and a willing audience, to push his goals when Gyorei approached the Adventurer, complaining of dreams prophesizing the extinction of the Namazu. While Seigetsu himself did not believe in these visions of doom, he saw Gyorei's desire to hold festivals to save the Namazu as a way to help build the race's culture. Seigetsu and Gyorei enlisted many more Namazu, becoming a group known as the Seven Hundred Seventy Seven.

After the group select Dhoro Iloh as the festival grounds, Seigetsu began overseeing the day-to-day tasks to prepare for the festival, and soon one festival became multiple as Gyorei's visions of doom continued. He tasked the Adventurer and his fellow Namazu to craft the supplies needed for the festival, pay homage to the Auri neighbors who granted them the festival grounds, and begin laying the groundwork for the Namazu cultural identity. Unbeknownst to Seigetsu, each festival the Namazu held would spark a chain of events that would avert a Namazu extinction crisis.

Seigetsu appears during the Allied Beast Quest. The Adventurer and the Kojin Kabuto approach Seigetsu to warn him that a Namazu was being targeted for kidnapping. Seigetsu offers insight onto who the intended target is and offers support to the Adventurer after the kidnapping. He leads the Namazu into Kugane atop a mikofei, which the Namazu use to ram into the assailants and allows the Adventurer to thwart their plans.



Seigetsu shares the same complexion as his fellow Namazu. However, unlike other Namazus, Seigetsu's eyes are not dry and nearly bulging out of their sockets. Instead, Seigetsu's eyes appear to be watered over, giving them a shine, and do not extend past the facial palatte. Additionally, Seigetsu's eyes are shaped triangularly, giving him the stereotypical squinting look of an intellectual. In addition to the Namazu bell, he wears the uniform of a Namazu in the Seven Hundred Seventy Seven: A red vest with a white rope headband.


Unlike his fellow Namazu, Seigetsu is an intellectual and has a great interest in building the cultural identity of the Namazus. He often reads and references books to describe his ideas. This, however, leaves him inflexible in the procedure, demanding that all the efforts to be done in exact accordance to how the books describe the activity, and he will only consider accommodations due to the physical limitations of the Namazu's diminutive stature. His intellect fuels Seigetsu's pridefulness to the point of a superiority complex. He describes his fellow Namazu with great condescension and disdain, and defends this to the Adventurer by citing a history of classism and elitism in more cultured peoples. Even the Adventurer, despite noting that their assistance is integral to the festival as well as the upkeep of Namazu-Au Ri relations, is viewed as little more than a footnote while Seigetsu views himself deserving of most of the credit.

Despite the arrogance, Seigetsu is normally well-intentioned. He wants the Namazu to become a smarter, more culturally refined race, and has the requisite knowledge to do so.