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Seifer is a temporary party member and a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. He is playable for the first portion of the Siege of Dollet during the SeeD exam. All the magic the player draws into his junction is passed onto Selphie after he leaves.

Seifer has an affinity to Fire, as every time he uses his Limit Break he starts off by casting a fire spell at his target in similar fashion as seen in the game's opening FMV, although it is merely part of the animation and non-elemental, and thus not the same as casting Fire with the Magic command. Fire spells are also drawn from Seifer during the encounters with him as a boss.

As with other playable characters in the game, a Triple Triad card based on Seifer can be obtained.

Party memberEdit

Seifer's intro pose is to hold his Hyperion upwards in front of his face before slowly lowering it into his battle stance. His victory pose is to swing his gunblade, then hold it with both hands and lower it in front of his face, identical to how he often poses outside of battle.


FF8 Hyperion Render

Seifer wields a gunblade. His particular model is Hyperion, featuring a pistol handle based on the Beretta M9, rather than the revolver handles favored by Squall. The Hyperion might be lighter than Squall's Revolver, as Seifer holds it with one hand. Pressing the R1 trigger button when he strikes will boost his damage. Hyperion provides 12 Strength.

Limit BreakEdit

Fire Cross

Seifer starts his Limit Break with Fire spells.

Seifer's Limit Break is Fire Cross. No Mercy is the only one that can be used by the player. Unlike the other player characters, Seifer can use his Limit Break without having to be in HP Critical; the chance it becomes available is at 84% or lower from his max HP. This appears to be changed in the Steam version; it is available at 100% of max HP.


LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 275 3 2 2 5 15 12
10 812 10 8 9 10 18 13
20 1400 17 14 15 16 21 13
30 1980 23 19 21 20 24 14
40 2553 29 24 26 25 27 15
50 3117 34 28 30 28 30 16
60 3674 38 32 34 32 33 16
70 4223 41 34 38 34 36 17
80 4765 44 37 41 36 39 18
90 5298 46 38 43 37 42 18
100 5823 48 39 45 38 45 19


The below values are the base compatibility values at the start of the game. Seifer only gets the opportunity to use the first three GFs, and so most of his compatibility values do not matter. Therefore they have the arbitrary pattern of decreasing by 20 instead of logically determined values.

GF Compatibility
Quezacotl 500
Shiva 480
Ifrit 460
Siren 440
Brothers 400
Diablos 380
Carbuncle 360
Leviathan 340
Pandemona 320
Cerberus 300
Alexander 280
Doomtrain 260
Bahamut 240
Cactuar 220
Tonberry 200
Eden 180


Seifer is fought as a boss four times in the story. He uses Fire-based attacks and gains new Limit Breaks every time he is encountered. If the party has Odin, a cutscene will occur the last time Seifer is faced. Seifer is the only enemy to have the rare spell Aura available for drawing.

Seifer's Demon Slice and Bloodfest Fire Cross abilities are used during battles against the player. Fire spells can be drawn from Seifer.

Triple TriadEdit

Seifer Card
TTSeifer Element None
Refine 1 refines into 3 Diamond Armors
Drop N/A
Card N/A
Level 10 (Player Card) Win Cid in Balamb Garden or Edea's Orphanage.
CC Group in the Ragnarok airship on disc 4.

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