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Seifer to Squall

Seifer is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII, fought four times in the game. In the first battle, Squall faces Seifer one-on-one. Then Edea replaces him, and Squall is joined by Rinoa and Irvine.

In the second battle, Seifer is faced alone. In the third battle, Edea joins Seifer. At the fourth battle, Seifer is again faced alone. The player can prepare for each battle by junctioning Fire to elemental defense, as Seifer always uses Fire magic.







First encounter[]

Thought I was dead, eh? Not until I fulfill my dream!


Seifer is fought one-on-one with Squall at Edea's parade. Seifer's strongest attack is the Fira spell, which he will rarely use. Instead, he will usually attack with the Hyperion, which will occasionally trigger, dealing slightly more damage.

Second encounter[]

Seifer is fought in Galbadia Garden. He will uses stronger magic spells and items. When his health is sufficiently low, he will say "Ready to die Squall?", and will attack Squall with Demon Slice, which deals roughly 1500 damage. After that he will start to use Demon Slice regularly, as well as continuing to use his physical attack. Drawing and casting Haste will make the battle go faster.

Third encounter[]

Seifer is now joined by Edea, but she will not attack, choosing merely to watch the fight. Seifer, still recovering from the last battle, has less HP, but more Vitality. His physical attack is slightly weaker while Fira is slightly more powerful. Haste is still available to be drawn, which can be maintained for the upcoming fight against Edea.

Final encounter[]

Seifer is faced for the final time in Lunatic Pandora. He has changed in both attitude and appearance. His coat is ragged and he now sees himself as a revolutionary. Seifer attacks with physical attacks, and at low HP employs a new attack, Bloodfest, which deals high damage to the entire party.

Drawing Aura from Seifer.

The player should equip Mug to steal a Hero from him and draw Aura spells, as Seifer is the only opponent in the entire game who possesses it. If the party has obtained the GF Odin, he will be summoned, but Seifer unleashes Zantetsuken Reverse to slice Odin in half.

Gilgamesh claims Odin's sword. If the battle is not won within 13 turns, Gilgamesh arrives and defeats Seifer. If the player deals enough damage before the turn limit, Gilgamesh will also appear. If Odin has not been obtained before this battle, Gilgamesh does not appear, and is unobtainable for the remainder of the game.

Behind the scenes[]

The Gunblade's Scan

The gunblade models in these battles exist separately from Seifer. This is how all player characters work, and Seifer is a temporary playable character with this weapon. Due to this, the gunblade models count as enemies though they are never targetable. They are called "Gunblade" and have Gerogero's Scan information.



Seifer uses "Zantetsuken Reverse" to defeat Odin in FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered