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Stone with mystical power.

Final Fantasy VIII description

Seer Stone (賢者の石, Kenja no Ishi?, lit. Philosopher's Stone), also known as Shaman Stone and Philosopher's Stone, is a recurring item in the series.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Shaman Stone is an item obtained by refining either 1 Rosetta Stone, Hungry Cookpot, Mog's Amulet, or Dark Matter. One Shaman Stone can be refined into one LuvLuv G via Tool-RF, ten Shaman Stones can be refined into one Holy War-trial via Forbid Med-RF as long as Doomtrain is at level 100 (original PS version; any level is fine for PC and Remastered), and one Shaman Stone can be refined into one Rosetta Stone. Though Shaman Stone is a compatibility item for Bahamut, it is far better used for refining than for raising compatibility. If used on a character, it raises compatibility with Bahamut by +3.2 (-1.6 for others).

Final Fantasy XI[]

Alchemists all over Vana'diel search for these stones. Invaluable as an ingredient in high level alchemy.


Philosopher's Stone is a synthesis item used to make Alchemist's Water, Panacea, Sun Water, and Saline Broth. It is used in the "Her Memories: Of Malign Maladies" and "Titillating Tomes" quests.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

A stone made of the blood of ancient gods. Listen closely to hear their wails.


Seer Stone is an accessory that provides 3 Magic, 2 Magic Resistance, and 3 Jewel slots.

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