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Seeq Fisher

The Seeq Fisher is a "friendly" NPC in Final Fantasy XII. It randomly spawns in the Vaddu Strand of the Phon Coast.

As a friendly enemy, he triggers "Ally" gambits and cannot be targeted by enemy-only technicks.


The Seeq Fisher has a 40% chance of appearing in the Phon Coast. He does not have a bestiary entry. Usually when he is attacked by enemies he runs away in a comical fashion.

Four Seeq Fishers are also fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode in Stage 31 alongside Bansat and an Apsara.


Name Stat
Level 36-38
Weak Fire
Target Info Yes*(Piggyback Guide indicates Libra)
Max HP 6,379-6,873
Max MP 700-828
Strength 34-36
Magick Power 18-22
Vitality 59-63
Speed 19-21
Attack Power 50-52
Defense 12-14
Magick Resist 24-26
Evade 8
Magick Evade 0


Name Stat
Status Immunities X-Zone, Petrify, Doom, Sleep, Disable, Blind, Poison, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Bubble
Innate Statuses Reflect (100%), Protect (100%), Shell (100%)
Augments Safety, Resist Guns & Measures, Parry, Item Plus


Category Name
Weapon Unarmed

Trial Mode[]

Stage 31.

Four Seeq Fishers are fought during Stage 31, along with Bansat.

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