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This is the will of the crystal! That which gives life, may take it away.

Seed Crystal

Seed Crystal is the final boss of the A Crystalline Prophecy expansion of Final Fantasy XI. It is fought in the mission battlefield Ode of Life Bestowing. The Seed Crystal wishes to destroy Vana'diel and return it to the darkness from which it was born.



Seed Crystal is stationary and as such many of its moves are avoidable by standing out of range. It will only draw one player in at a time, but will do so incessantly.

All of Seed Crystals attacks are magic-based. Its standard melee attack is also radial and causes Knockback. To make up for its lack of range, the Seed Crystal can also summon Seed Thralls when it uses Seed of Deception. The thralls created appear completely identical to a member of the party and even inherit traits from that players weapon. Seed Crystal also casts tier 3 elemental-ga spells, but these spells have fairly long casting times and can easily be stunned.

Starting from 50% HP, Seed Crystal will begin to use Seed of Judgment which deals strong AoE magic damage, but also significantly lowers the 7 main stat attributes of all players, making players far weaker if they are hit by the move.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • Draw In: Draws players in
  • Seed of Deception: Summons a Seed Thrall
  • Seed of Deference: AoE Charm , Mandragora costume
  • Seed of Nihility: Wide AoE damage, resets all job ability timers

The following are used below 50% HP:

  • Seed of Judgment: Wide AoE magic damage, Knockback, STR down, DEX down, VIT down, AGI down, INT down, MND down, CHR down

Musical themesEdit

The music that plays in this battlefield is "Echoes of Creation", which is featured in disc one of Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack - Plus. This track was also used in the trailer for A Crystalline Prophecy.


  • This battlefield was introduced in the April 9, 2009 Version Update. The level cap then was 75.
  • Seed Crystal is the second final boss in Final Fantasy XI that does not move, with the first being Alexander.
  • Players prefer to use pet jobs or ranged attackers to fight this battlefield, effectively staying out of Seed Crystal range a majority of the battle. Alternatively, players without such jobs have used a "zerg" approach to bring Seed Crystal down as fast as possible.
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