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The SeeD Personal Carrier Vehicle is a personnel transport in Final Fantasy VIII. Similar in design to the Galbadian road vehicle it is used as student transportation for the Gardens (Balamb, Trabia, and Galbadia) and can seat six passengers with at least one driver.

Used akin to school buses in Balamb Island, Balamb Garden uses the vehicles to transport students and personnel between the Garden and Balamb Town. Martine arrives to his meeting with Squall Leonhart's party in one of these vehicles. The Artisan in Shumi Village has a miniature model of the vehicle.


Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb SeeD Car Glitch

Near the start of the SeeD exam, just before automatically driving through Balamb down the intersecting road, using the d-pad or tilting the analog stick in any direction will cause the car to be stuck facing left as it proceeds.