FFXI wiki icon Sedal-Godjal is a non-playable Tarutaru character in Final Fantasy XI. He is minister of the Federation of Windurst's Aurastery, a school of magic for children. Though reputed for his cleverness and reliability, he has been away without leave for a number of years. His predecessor, Doctor Koru-Moru, is forced to cover for him in his absence.


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After accepting leadership of the Aurastery, Sedal-Godjal learned that Koru-Moru had embezzled a massive amount of gil from the institution during his tenure. The professor would never pay this money back on his own. In the interest of avoiding a scandal, Sedal-Godjal devised a secret plan to recover the funds: he would pose as a girl named "Mojiji" and persuade Koru-Moru with flowery fan mail. This compelled the retired minister to send gil in reply and gradually restored the Aurastery's coffers.

The deception weighed heavily upon Sedal-Godjal, however, and he began to feel queasy at the sight of Koru-Moru. Only a year into his term as minister he took an unannounced vacation in an effort to clear his head. Though he had not intended to be gone very long, he soon found himself obligated to remain in the field. The Orcs of Davoi were preparing an attack against the people of San d'Oria. To disarm this threat Sedal-Godjal inserted himself into the Orcs' base and magically sealed the area.

For three years the Aurastery minister remains hidden among the Orcs, sabotaging their efforts and struggling against their mages' counterspells. During this time his subordinates assume he has eloped and turn to the increasingly unhelpful Koru-Moru for leadership. Eventually the ministry decides to deploy a bounty hunter with the Star Seeker, a doll previously constructed by Koru-Moru to find the minister's ring when he misplaced it, to track down Sedal-Godjal.

After a brief misstep in Ro'Maeve the Star Seeker pinpoints the minister's hiding place in Davoi. Surprised at his discovery, Sedal-Godjal explains the situation and convinces the bounty hunter to conceal his location from all but one member of the Aurastery. Eager to avoid being found again, he also drains the Star Seeker's magic. Having told his story he returns to his covert battle with the Orcs.

When Ajido-Marujido is incarcerated for breaking into the Full Moon Fountain his sister, Apururu, sends for Sedal-Godjal's ring as part of Doctor Shantotto's jailbreak plan. The isolated Sedal-Godjal knows nothing about this situation but is alarmed when a messenger approaches him again. Realizing that his ring gives away his position, he parts with it immediately. He therefore becomes an unwitting conspirator in Shantotto's scheme.

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