The Security Eye, also known as the Alert or Eyes, is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV.

Stats[edit | edit source]


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Battle[edit | edit source]

Security Eye counters all attacks with Alert, which summons either a Stone Golem, Chimera, Naga, or Flamehound. Any attack that targets the Security Eye made when a summoned enemy is present results in a Beam, which deals magic damage. One of each kind of Security Eye appears in various monster-in-a-box encounters. Security Eye only attacks if provoked.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player can wait until everyone's ATB bars are full, and hit the Eye with the party's weakest character, and then use the remaining characters to kill the summoned beast. For maximum experience one should stop attacking once the summoned beast has been defeated so the weakest character hits the Eye again. Via this method, depending on the party's strength and the beast it summons, the player can walk away with plenty gil and experience while taking no damage.

As Security Eye will not attack unless provoked the encounters with it can be a great opportunity to restore HP/MP with Rosa's Pray. Everyone else should defend and Yang should use Focus twice. Yang can equip the Lightning Claws to expose the Security Eye's weakness. Alternatively, Rydia can summon Ramuh to kill it in one hit. Palom can use Cry without provoking it to attack.

If farming for Sirens, the ideal method is to level Edge up to 40, which is when his attempts to steal will have the highest rate of success for this enemy, then render every other character unconscious. With the settings changed so that the cursor keeps its position rather than returning to default and the Battle Speed set to 1, stealing 99 Sirens is a matter of simply holding down the confirm button.

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