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Sector 8 is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the setting for chapter 2, "Fateful Encounters". It is explored by Cloud Strife on his own as he makes his way through the heavily damaged sector to reach the train station and regroup with Avalanche.


Plate Partition - Interior[]

Plate Partition - Interior.

The Plate Partition is seen in "Use the Escape Route", and its sole area is the Connecting Passageway. This is traversed for "Use the Escape Route", and comprises only two narrow tunnels, with debris partially blocking much of the path.

At the end of the first tunnel, a path right leads out to the second tunnel at the end. While passing through, dialogue is spoken between the members of Avalanche. Jessie must plant a bomb to blow a hole in a door on the right, leading out into the Warehouse Zone in the Business District.

Business District[]

Warehouse Zone[]

This is a small zone comprised of debris in form of damaged construction material. A treasure chest contains a bottle of ether, and a staircase leads to the side of a building, and eventually further into the Business District. After joining up with Avalanche, Cloud is free to run at full speed.

Station Avenue[]

First visited in "Reach the Sector 8 Station". Cloud meets Jessie, who gives him Healing Materia Healing Materia, before traveling through the avenue itself. The area is filled with several non-player characters taking refuge, and approaching some of them will allow Cloud to hear dialogue.

At the end of the road at the bottom, Jessie beckons to Cloud to take some stairs up to a higher area, where a bride can be used to cross. While doing so, an explosion happens below. At the end of the bridge, Cloud will fall below, and from there is a short path to the station.

Reaching the station commences "Follow Him", as the avenue becomes lit by flames and resembles Nibelheim. Cloud must follow Sephiroth to the Station Alleyway.

Station Alleyway[]

A few narrow alleyways connecting the Station Avenue with Loveless Street, seen in "Follow Him", and the following quest, "Taking a Detour". Once "Follow Him" is complete, the player cannot return to Station Avenue.

Around the avenues are several more non-player characters. One of the topside residents can be talked to and will give Cloud hints for how to travel to the station, suggesting he use an alley and climb to the roof of the building at the end. Climbing the building and climbing down the ladder on the other end leads to Loveless Street.

Loveless Street[]

Loveless Street.

First visited in "Taking a Detour" and seen in "Evade Pursuers". Loveless Street is a narrow street through buildings, with the street on the right leading to the "Flower Peddler" in front of the theater and a cutscene that takes place. In "Evade Pursuers", security officers, guard dogs, and grenadiers are fought here.

To the left (southeast on the map) is a path that is initially inaccessible during "Taking a Detour", blocked by Shinra guards, but in "Evade Pursuers", Cloud can access this path to obtain a Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia in Sector 8 from FFVII Remake. The end of this path is a dead end. There is also a chest for Power Wristguards shortly after finding the deadly dodge.

Past the theater (west on the map), a narrow path north leads to a locked gate outside the station, which cannot be accessed. Instead, the player must travel south

Fountain Plaza[]

Visited for "Evade Pursuers" and later "Flight through the City", the Fountain Plaza is a wide open area where a number of enemies are fought, including security officers, guard dogs, grenadiers, and shock troopers. After fighting them, a ladder leads up to the rooftops in the southeast, close to a treasure chest with two grenades.

The rooftops after climbing the ladder are a linear path across rooftops and ladders, leading to the Residential Area south. On first few sets of rooftops is a treasure chest with an Iron Bangle.

Residential Area[]

Located south of the Fountain Plaza after climbing the ladder down from the rooftops, and visited during "Flight through the City". Several security officers, grenadiers, and riot troopers are fought here. On the left side of the streets, an ether is found in a treasure chest by a cafe, and near the southern end, a detour east leads to a treasure chest adjacent to a truck, with a Hi-Potion within.

At the southern end, the road is blocked by a Shinra truck, as Cloud must fight a large group of enemies to proceed.

Last Train Bound for Sector 7 Undercity[]

Visited only for "Last Train" at the end of the chapter, and comprising only the Freight Car and Passenger Car. Here, non-player characters, including Avalanche, can be interacted with, but there is little else of note.


All quests take place in "Fateful Encounters", and the majority are cinematic quests in which Cloud travels through the sector. "Follow Him" is different from the others, as Cloud's movement will be limited while he must chase after a vision of Sephiroth.

"Evade Pursuers" features combat as Cloud fights through Shinra soldiers on the way to the train station. This series of quests ends in "Last Train" which involves no combat and is mostly a series of cutscenes.


Enemy Areas
Security Officer Loveless Street, Fountain Plaza, Residential Area
Guard Dog Loveless Street, Fountain Plaza, Residential Area
Grenadier Loveless Street, Fountain Plaza, Residential Area
Shock Trooper Fountain Plaza
Riot Trooper Residential Area
The Huntsman

Against most enemies, normal attacks from Cloud, or his Braver ability, will finish them off, while casting Fire Fire can defeat clustered enemies with its area-of-effect damage. Though guard dogs are stronger enemies, Focused Thrust can be used effectively to stagger them and defeat them with more powerful blows.

Against shock troopers and riot troopers, Cloud can use Punisher Mode and await their attacks while guarding. When doing so, Cloud will counterattack to leave them vulnerable, dealing greater damage. Casting Fire can also be effective against them.


Items Areas
Ether Warehouse Zone (bottom area)
Healing Materia Healing Materia Station Avenue (given by Jessie)
HP Up Materia HP Up Materia Loveless Street HP Up materia from FFVII Remake
Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia Loveless Street Deadly Dodge Materia in Sector 8 from FFVII Remake
Power Wristguards Loveless Street
2 grenades Fountain Plaza
Iron Bangle Fountain Plaza
Ether Residential Area
Hi-Potion Residential Area