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Sector 8 is one of the eight sectors that divide up the city of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. Sector 8 is the main entertainment area in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. LOVELESS Avenue is its main area of business and art. There the Genesis fan club meets and performances of the epic LOVELESS take place. The only sector that can be explored above the Plate, Sector 8 gives the only glimpse of life in Midgar that those who escape the poverty of the slums can enjoy. As a traditional training mission, all rookie Turks are sent to patrol Sector 8.


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Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Before Crisis Sector 8

Sector 8 in Before Crisis.

In the first Episode, the player's Turk is sent on the traditional patrol Turk mission through Sector 8. The forces of the first AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group, attack Sector 8 to bring Shinra Electric Power Company down. Their plan is to the destroy the Sector 8 Reactor and take the entire sector with it. Tseng, who is monitoring the mission, orders the Turk to find out more about this AVALANCHE.

The Turk fights his or her way through the enemy ranks and into the Mako Reactor to stop them. Once the fighting gets intense, Reno, a fellow Turk, helps out as support. Inside the reactor, Reno and the Turk split up. While the Turk diffuses the bomb, Reno charges in to fight the enemy leader, a man named Shears who knows about the Turks and their skills. Shears is powerful, and beats Reno. The Turk goes in to fight Shears next, but is also beaten. Despite the defeat, AVALANCHE moves to Junon to attack President Shinra.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Sector 8 is the sector just outside of Shinra Headquarters. It leads to the Sector 1 Station, where travelers can go down into the slums of Sector 5. It has two notable areas, the LOVELESS Avenue and the Fountain Place. Zack Fair can join the Genesis fan club here on his first visit.

VIICC Sector 8 - Loveless Avenus


The Genesis Army attacks Midgar later on and Zack must fight them through Sector 8. He runs into Reno and Cissnei of the Turks. Though Reno acts rude and territorial, Cissnei is grateful to Zack for saving her life.

Later on, Zack goes through Sector 8 on a hunt for parts for a flower wagon for his girlfriend, Aerith Gainsborough. He gets wheels from a man's car on LOVELESS Avenue in exchange for a piece of the profits from the flower venture. When Zack is sent to his mission in Nibelheim, he never can return to Midgar or Sector 8.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Sector 8-FFVII

Sector 8 in Final Fantasy VII.

Four years later, Aerith sells flowers in Sector 8. Cloud Strife runs through Sector 8 while fleeing from Shinra forces after blowing up the Sector 1 Reactor. He meets Aeris, who offers him flowers. Shinra guards chase after him, and Cloud cuts the meeting short. As the Shinra forces surround him, Cloud jumps off the side of a bridge onto an oncoming train. He joins the rest of AVALANCHE on their way to their secret base in the Sector 7 slums.

After the defeat of Diamond Weapon, Cloud and company parachute into Midgar, landing in Sector 8. Upon arriving at the same street Cloud escaped from the Shinra guards earlier, Cloud is forced into battle with the Proud Clod which is being controlled by the Shinra executives Scarlet and Heidegger. Once the battle is over, the machine is destroyed and the two executives seem to have died. The party travels up the Sister Ray support beam that was recently placed in the middle of the train tracks.

Sector 8 is destroyed along with most of Midgar when Meteor falls onto the city. No remnant of it survives the calamity.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

In the beginning flash-back sequence, Vincent Valentine is in Midgar during Meteorfall. He ascends a flight of stairs to face Professor Hojo on the Sister Ray. It can be assumed this is the same path Cloud used in Sector 8.

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Final Fantasy VIIEdit



The rubble is accessed from Sector 1 - Outside Reactor, after the reactor is destroyed. It is a small tunnel featuring debris from the explosion, visited very briefly as AVALANCHE blow a hole to allow them to enter the surrounding area. The tunnel has many dangling wires from the ceiling and is lit by a few lights.

Outside Sector 1Edit


Briefly accessed, the area outside Sector 1 features debris in the background left from the reactor explosion, and the Shinra logo can be seen on a damaged wall in the background. Stairs at the back lead up left to the Loveless Avenue, which sustained less damage from the explosion.

Loveless AvenueEdit

Sector 8

Loveless Avenue features in the opening sequence of Final Fantasy VII, and is where Cloud meets the "Flower Girl", and is able to buy a flower from her for 1 gil. The area features many advertisements for LOVELESS, in the form of large posters on two buildings in the background, which are the most prominent among other posters. Debris can be seen from the explosion, in the form of damaged cars, broken windows, and flipped tables from the building on the right which resembles a cafe. South from the avenue is the fountain area.


Sector 8-FFVII

The fountain area is visited twice, first during Cloud's path back from the reactor, and later revisited upon returning to Midgar. During Cloud's first visit, the plaza was filled with characters frantically fleeing; upon returning, it was covered in infrastructure for the Sister Ray.

The area is a plaza with a central fountain, and around the plaza is a stone bridge with a clock, and an alleyway between two tall buildings. An electric wire connects across the two buildings, and occasionally sparks electricity. On the wall near one of the buildings, graffiti is drawn by AVALANCHE, reading "Don't be fooled by Shinra! Mako energy doesn't last forever! Mako is the planet's lifesource! The end is in sight! Protectors of the planet: AVALANCHE". Heading below through the alleyway will lead to the bridge.

Upon returning to Midgar, infrastructure for the Sister Ray covers this area, blocking off the area behind the fountain. A save point appears on the left side of the fountain, and the exit at the top leads to higher parts of the cannon infrastructure.

Cait Sith waits at the top of the stairs if he is not in the party. If he is in the party then he does not appear, but at the point where he stands he will exit from Cloud. At this point he says "this way" and runs up a flight of stairs. If he is in the party Cloud follows him and then Cait Sith rejoins, while if he is not in the party he continues up to the top up the stairs and off screen.



The bridge area is first visited by Cloud when he boards the Train train after encounter soldiers following the Sector 1 Reactor explosion. Later, it is visited upon returning to Midgar from Sector 8 Tunnel - Fork 8, and is where the Proud Clod is fought.

The bridge is a typical street with lamp lights (sometimes flickering) and a stone pavement, featuring many large houses close together, built above railroads that travel underneath through tunnels. A gap in the pavement along the street allows one to view the railroad below. An alleyway between two houses at the back leads to the fountain area.





One of the pipes says "GHIJKL41254325".

Sector 8 TunnelEdit

The tunnels feature two types of areas, tunnels and forks. Tunnels are linear paths, though they curve right. Every tunnel has "16" written on the wall, with the exception of Tunnel 7, the room the party enters in, and the Sector 0 End which has the ladder in its place.

Forks start off as a single path on the bottom but then lead in two different directions. Forks are numbered on the wall in front of the fork. The right path always leads to a tunnel, while the left path leads to special areas. In most cases the left path is inaccessible. In the below names, the numbered tunnels are the right path of the numbered forks, e.g. "Tunnel 1" is the right path above the "Fork 1".

The listing of tunnel rooms is from south to north, with Cloud starting at tunnel 7. Going north leads to fork 8->tunnel 8 and south to fork 7->tunnel 6.

South End

Farthest down one can go. Attempting to head further down will have Cloud say "Dead end." At the bottom of the screen on the left is a Save point, and on the right is the W-Item Materia. If this Materia is not picked up it can still be excavated from Bone Village.

Fork 1

The left path is blocked off. Between the fork, on the left is a Magic Source and on the right is a Mind Source.

Tunnel 1

Leads to Fork 2.

Fork 2

Red XIII appears at the bottom of the screen if not in the party. He tells Cloud the cannon is not in this direction then runs down the right path. The left path is blocked off. A chest between the fork contains a Guard Source.

Tunnel 2

Leads to Fork 3.

Fork 3

The left path is blocked off. On the left hand side of the path is a chest containing a Power Source.

Tunnel 3

Leads to Fork 4.

Fork 4

The left path is blocked off.

Tunnel 4

Leads to Fork 5.

Fork 5

The left path is blocked off.

Tunnel 5

Leads to Fork 6.

Fork 6

The left path is blocked off.

Tunnel 6

Barret is here if he is not in the party. He tells Cloud to leave it to him and asks he hurries to the cannon before going into an offensive stance while staring down the tunnel. If talked to, he will not be there after exiting and reentering.

Leads to Fork 7.

Fork 7

The left path is blocked off.

Tunnel 7

A ladder climbs into the duct linking the tunnel with the underground. Traveling upwards triggers the entrance of the Turks.

Leads to Fork 8.

Fork 8

Yuffie appears by the right path if recruited and not in the player's current party. Talking with her will make her no longer present when reentering.

The left path leads to the tunnel beneath the Bridge.

Tunnel 8

Tifa appears on the right if not in the player's current party. When speaking to her, she will respond to say she's fine and instructs Cloud to go to the cannon. After speaking to her, upon reentering, she will no longer be present.

Fork 0

Cid stands by the fork if not in the player's current party. When speaking to him, he will wonder which way the cannon is. After speaking to him, upon reentering, he will no longer be present.

Sector 0 End

This path is a dead end going upward, though a ladder on the left takes the player to Sector 0 and its path to Shinra Building. This route can be taken to get various items from the Shinra Building, including missable ones.

North End

The North End is Tunnel 0, the right path of Fork 0. A wall appears in front of the player.

Cannon InfrastructureEdit

If Vincent is recruited and not in the current party, he stands in the top-right corner of the lower platform and curses Hojo when talked to.

If Barret is in the current party a chest appears on the right side of the second platform and contains Missing Score, his ultimate weapon. The weapon is missable and after engaging Hojo by the control panel, the chest and its weapon are no longer available.

On the top platform the exit to the right leads into the cannon control panel.

Cannon Control PanelEdit

The cannon control panel area is at the top of the infrastructure for the Sister Ray. Hojo hits buttons at the control panel. Approaching him begins a scene where he brags about his evil deeds and begins a boss battle against him.

The area is seen in a cutscene after the player defeats Diamond Weapon. Hojo fires the cannon at the North Crater and removes the barrier. During this scene one has control of the invisible player for a brief period, and can run toward Hojo and trigger the earlier mentioned scene and boss battle. This is a glitch that bypasses the Raid on Midgar scenario.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

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Loveless AvenueEdit


Final Fantasy VIIEdit



Battle background of the bridge

Encounters Areas
  • MP x2 (scripted)
  • MP x3 (scripted)
  • MP x3 (ambush, scripted)
Bridge (first visit)
Bridge (return to Midgar)
Underground (upper and lower)
Sector 8 Tunnel
Sector 8 Tunnel (initial segment)

In the initial visit to Sector 8, no enemies are fought in random encounters, and the only enemies battled are the MPs in scripted encounters while battling the soldiers on the bridge.

Upon returning to Midgar, a wider variety of more powerful enemies are fought in random encounters.


Items Areas
Fountain (first visit)
Fountain (return to Midgar)

Items can be found around the fountain area, both in the initial visit and during the return to Midgar. During the first visit, a Potion is found southwest of the fountain.

During the second visit, two chests at the bottom of the screen on the right of the path, the lower one containing an Elixir, and the upper one contains a Mystile.


The first quests in Sector 8 occur in the chapter "No. 1 Reactor Bombing". This takes place when Cloud runs through Sector 8 after the No. 1 Reactor is destroyed. During this time, Cloud purchases a flower from "Flower Girl", and then battles guards.

The second quest occurs when returning to Midgar for "In a World Approaching Its End". Here, Cloud and the party return to fight Professor Hojo, and access Sector 8 from the underground. The party fights Proud Clod, and then progress through the Sister Ray located in the fountain.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeEdit

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

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Joining fan clubsEdit


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- shops can only be visited from the menu. Sector 8 Materia Shop is available after completing Mission 6-2-1.

Name Cost
HP Up 1,000 gil
MP Up 1,000 gil
AP Up 1,000 gil
Drain 5,000 gil
Osmose 4,000 gil

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Sector 8, Part 1Edit

FFRK Sector 8, Part 1 FFVII
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Sector 8, Part 2Edit

FFRK Sector 8, Part 2 FFVII
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Musical themesEdit

"Heart of Anxiety" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Anxious Heart

In Final Fantasy VII, the background music that plays in Sector 8 after the Sector 1 Reactor explosion is "Heart of Anxiety" (不安な心, Fuan na Kokoro?), also known as "Anxious Heart", while the background music that plays during AVALANCHE's infiltration on Midgar after the defeat of Diamond WEAPON changes to "Opening - Bombing Mission" (オープニング~爆破ミッション, Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon?), which also plays in the underground area.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, the background music that plays in Sector 8 is called "The Mako City".



  • In Final Fantasy VII, a poster (visible towards the right side of the picture above) mentions Mt. Kolts, a location from Final Fantasy VI.
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