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The sprawling slum quarter beneath the Sector 7 plate. Life is mean and meager in this dark section of Midgar—a stark contrast to the thriving cityscape just above it. Despite the poor quality of life, there is a strong sense of community and independence among its people.

The Sector 7 slums, also known as the Sector 7 undercity,[1] is a town in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake, with appearances in both On the Way to a Smile and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Located beneath the Sector 7 plate, the Sector 7 undercity was notable as the home Seventh Heaven, a bar owned and run by Tifa Lockhart. The bar was a popular attraction for the undercity residents, as well as both the hideout and source of income for the Avalanche cell led by Barret Wallace. Its members, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie Rasberry also resided in the slums, and while under their employ, Cloud Strife also took residence.

The Sector 7 slums are the first town that the player visits in both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

The Sector 7 undercity was a town in Midgar prior to the plate being built above it. The town once had its own name, but as with the other sectors of Midgar, none of its residents remember it, and only refer to it by its designated sector number.[2] The plate above Midgar began construction by the Shinra Electric Power Company in 1976. At some point, Shinra constructed the Shinra Underground Test Site beneath the undercity.

Ifalna dies on the Sector 7 Undercity Station.

In 1992, Ifalna arrived on the Sector 7 Undercity Station with her daughter Aerith. As she passed away, she entrusted her daughter to a passerby, Elmyra Gainsborough, who had come to the station to wait for her husband who was away at the Wutai War. Elmyra's husband never returned, and she took Aerith home with her to Sector 5 slums.

In October of 0007, the Avalanche cell led by Barret, comprising Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Tifa, established themselves in the Sector 7 undercity. Tifa, who had been brought to Midgar by her trainer Zangan, became the owner and proprietor of Seventh Heaven, and Barret's daughter Marlene lived with them. Tifa lived within Stargazer Heights, an apartment complex run by Marle, while Wedge lived in a home by a cat shelter, and Jessie lived in a home with other aspiring actresses. Seventh Heaven served as a source of income for the cell, as well as selling water filters with Avalanche.

Later the same month, Tifa found a delirious Cloud, her childhood friend from Nibelheim, in the Sector 7 slums, and was startled. Recognizing Tifa, Cloud snapped out of his stupor. Though the reunion of the childhood friends is joyous, Tifa noted a strangeness in him, as Cloud claimed they last saw each other five years ago, where Tifa knew it to be longer than that. To keep an eye on him and to discover the reason behind Cloud's inconsistent memories, Tifa convinced Cloud to stay with the Avalanche cell.

Original continuity[]

In December Avalanche, along with their newly hired mercenary Cloud, bomb Mako Reactor 1, and retreat to the Sector 7 slums in "At the Hideout in the Slums", to avoid capture by Shinra. After an argument with Barret, Cloud was prepared to leave, though he and Tifa reminisced about the promise Cloud made to her before he left their hometown. Tifa convinced him to fight alongside Avalanche for the bombing of Mako Reactor 5.

The fall of the Plate.

Through Don Corneo's assistance, Shinra found the location of Avalanche's base, and decided to crush the terrorists by dropping the plate upon Sector 7. In "Prevent the Fall of the Plate" Avalanche fought for the pillar that sustains the plate, but were unable to save Sector 7. The town was destroyed, killing some population of both parts of the sector, including the Avalanche members Biggs and Jessie, while Cloud, Tifa, and Barret escape.

Three years later in 0010 Vincent Valentine went through the ruins of the Sector 7 slums during the Battle of Midgar.

Remake continuity[]

Marco, the Sephiroth Clone next to Cloud.

After bombing Mako Reactor 1, Barret's Avalanche cell, along with Cloud, returned to their hideout in the undercity. In "Home Sweet Slum", Cloud met with Tifa, who had secured him a home in room 202 at the Stargazer Heights. Tifa was only able to fund a quarter of his payment, promising to pay him after collecting money from filters the following day. That night, Cloud was awoken by a Sephiroth Clone named Marco, and after a brief confrontation, Tifa stopped him and he returned to sleep.

Shinra interrogating Johnny after the interrogation.

Cloud agreed to help sell filters to the residents, most of whom were happy customers aside from the weapon store owner at the Beginner's Hall. At her suggestion, Cloud and Tifa helped the residents in order to make a name for Cloud, starting with the Neighborhood Watch as they cleared out monsters in Scrap Boulevard. Tifa introduced Cloud to Wymer, who gave them pointers, and Cloud and Tifa helped residents in various odd jobs while waiting for Barret to gather the rest of Cloud's payment. They later rescued the undercity resident Johnny from Shinra, to prevent him from revealing more about Avalanche. Cloud then intimidated Johnny, and Johnny agreed to leave Sector 7 for good so he would not spill anything.

After returning to the hideout, Barret called a meeting with his Avalanche cell to discuss bombing Mako Reactor 5. Despite Jessie lobbying for Cloud's involvement, Barret opposed rehiring Cloud for fear of the group becoming too reliant on him. Tifa was opposed to the bombing, and the group planned to bomb the reactor with Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. After this, the group had a celebration, and Cloud left to return home. On the way, he ran into henchmen sent by Don Corneo to look for Barret, and after they spoke to him, he refused to share more and fought them off.

Wedge with his cats.

Later that night, in "Mad Dash", Cloud, Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge traveled to the upper plate for a quick mission with Jessie, and parachuted to the surface. The next morning, the undercity was attacked by mysterious ghostly beings, and Jessie's ankle was hurt. Barret then hired Cloud as her replacement, agreeing to give him a raise, for the next mission.

Tifa and Barret returned from the next mission without Cloud, and found informants working for Don Corneo looking for information om Avalanche and a man with a gun for an arm. Tifa left the sector to interrogate Don Corneo. While she was away, Shinra sent the Turks to attack the pillar that supported the sector above the slums.

The Sector 7 Pillar separates and falls.

In "Fight for Survival", Barret, Jessie, Wedge, Biggs, and other locals defended the support pillar, but one by one they fall until Barret is the last one standing. Having learned of the plans from Corneo, Cloud and Tifa, with their new friend Aerith, raced back to the Sector 7 slums. The group were hindered by the mysterious ghostly beings on the way, and arrived at the foot of the pillar just as Wedge fell off it. Wedge's landing was cushioned by a grappling gun, allowing him to survive, though he was injured. While Cloud traveled up the pillar, Tifa and Aerith stayed with Wedge. Wedge later took Aerith deeper into the slums and rescue Barret's daughter, Marlene, at Tifa's request, while Tifa followed Cloud up the plate.

Wedge, inspired by Aerith, helped evacuate the slums, with Marle managing the crowds. The Public Security at first was not about to let the slum dwellers leave, but the rookie soldier disobeyed his superior's orders and opens the gate. Aerith, meanwhile, found Marlene in Seventh Heaven, but was herself found by Tseng, the leader of the Turks. Aerith gave herself up in exchange for Marlene's safety, as Marlene was taken to Aerith's house in the Sector 5 slums while Aerith was taken to the Shinra Building.

Along the way up the plate, Cloud fought Shinra forces and found a severely injured Biggs. He was then pinned down by gunfire from Reno and Rude's helicopter, but as Tifa ran up to join him, Rude steered the helicopter away, creating a safe path for them both. The two then fought their way to the top and found a fatally wounded Jessie, before finally reaching the top. After rejoining Barret at the top, the trio fought Reno and Rude, and tried to stop the plate fall on the plate's control terminal. Tseng sent a video call to the trio informing them that there was nothing they could do, and Aerith interrupted the call to let them know Marlene survived. The trio then barely escaped the falling sector by zipfire. Wedge was slowed down by the mysterious ghosts as he tries to get away, and went missing.

The ruins of the Sector 7 undercity.

Over 50,000 were killed as a result of the plate crash, making the death toll near that of the slum's entire population.[note 1] In "A Broken World", the survivors, having lost their homes, took refuge in Sector 6, and within Wall Market. After visiting Aerith's house to find Marlene safe and sound asleep there, Barret, Cloud, and Tifa return to the Sector 7 slums ruins to look for survivors. Led by one of Wedge's cats to a cave-in in the ground, they found an injured Wedge, as well as the Shinra Underground Test Site, a secret underground testing facility underneath the slums.

The survivors of Sector 7 rebuilt and cleared the wreckage after Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith left Midgar.



The sprawling slum quarter beneath the Sector 7 plate. Life is mean and meager in this dark section of Midgar—a stark contrast to the thriving cityscape just above it. Despite the poor quality of life, there is a strong sense of community and independence among its people.

Loading screen description in Final Fantasy VII Remake

The slums, home to over 50,000 residents,[1] comprise run-down buildings mostly made of metal plates and occasionally wood, across dirt floors in between crags. Little vegetation grows in the slums, and no natural light reaches them, and abandoned construction material is littered throughout. The concrete Undercity Station is located west of the Train Graveyard, and east of the plaza connected to the Pillar. Further west of this is the vast residential area.

The main attraction of Sector 7 is Seventh Heaven, a bar and restaurant owned by Tifa Lockhart, which also houses one Avalanche cell's secret headquarters. The bar is located in the north of the residential area, a town with many shanty homes and a large gathering of people.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, other than Seventh Heaven, the residential area houses the Stargazer Heights apartment block owned by Marle where Tifa lives, the Beginner's Hall that is home to the Neighborhood Watch and a weapons store, and a shelter for cats. Further west of the slums is Scrap Boulevard, where several monsters attack the town, and in the northwest of the Pillar plaza is an abandoned Talagger factory.

Sector 7 Undercity Station[]

Sector 7 Undercity Station.

The Sector 7 Undercity Station is used for trains leaving from and arriving in Sector 7. It is a concrete area with several railway platforms lit by street lamps. To the right is the Train Graveyard, an abandoned part of the slums with damaged trains. To the left is the path to the residential area.

Pillar plaza[]

The plaza connecting the Support Pillar of Sector 7 in the north, the Slums in the west, the train station in the east, as well as the route to Sector 6 in the south. Surrounding the roads at the plaza are piles of metal beams, as well as shanty homes. To the north is a fence outside the Support Pillar, as well as a sewage pipe on the left.



The Support Pillar is located behind a fence in the pillar plaza, and holds up the Sector 7 plate above the slums. Adjacent to the stone pillar is a tubular metal tower with a large staircase leading up to a console area at the top.

Abandoned Talagger factory[]

The Talagger factory appears only in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". Locked behind barricades from the Pillar plaza, the abandoned Talagger factory is a maze-like area comprised of abandoned warehouses and towers. Abandoned red vehicles and construction material are seen nearby, along with the usual rusting pipes, and some cut power cables. Many of the warehouse walls are damaged, and some have worn away graffiti, while one warehouse is missing its roof entirely.

Residential area[]

The residential area is a large plaza surrounded by metal structures and rocks, comprised of shanty houses and stores. It is the location of Seventh Heaven, Johnny's home, the Item Store, and the Beginner's Hall.

The houses in the residential area are mostly wooden and brick shanty houses, often with a single story. The area has minimal vegetation, and the ground is mostly made of dirt. Around the buildings are littered debris, including broken tires and pipes. Signposts are seen around the slums pointing to its landmarks, and the area is illuminated by green neon lights. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, along with houses are many stores, some in buildings while some are outside on stalls selling clothing, as well as a few cafes. The area is also home to a cat shelter in the south, and cats are found roaming the shelter. Though few vehicles are parked, some are converted into stalls. Jessie and Wedge's houses are located in the southeast areas.

According to an NPC conversation with one of Johnny's friends, the Sector 7 slums used to have a giant TV monitor like the one seen in the Sector 5 Slums, but Barret shot it up when President Shinra was on. In Final Fantasy VII, the remains of the shot-up TV monitor can still be seen behind Seventh Heaven.

Beginner's Hall[]

Beginner's Hall in the remake.

The Weapon Shop is the tallest building in Sector 7, located at the southern end of the residential area. It contains a weapon shop on its first floor, a Beginner's Hall, on its second, and a bedroom on the top floor inside a small cubicle. which the player can use as an inn. It is a large, multi-story building made largely from metal beams connecting concrete roofs, with outside ladders and stairs used to climb its floors, curtains surrounding the outside, metal-plated walls around each room, and two flags hanging from the third roof. On the top is the metal cubicle containing the bedroom.

The ground floor of the Beginner's Hall is the weapon shop itself, where merchants work at a counter. In this room, several deadly weapons, and robot parts, are displayed around the walls, along with shooting targets and boxes of ammunition. At the back is a ladder leading up to the second floor on the outside.

On the second floor, the Neighborhood Watch room of the Beginner's Hall can be reached. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Avalanche can be found here, though in Final Fantasy VII several boxes and characters appear for to provide the player tutorials. In Final Fantasy VII, the building has a ladder to a third floor, which itself has a set of stairs up into a small bedroom of three beds, each decorated with a few posters, implying they are lived in by the owners who simply rent the room to visitors.

Item Store[]

Item Store sign.

Marked by a neon sign reading "Item Store," the store is a small building situated on the southwestern end of the slums, and is made of navy blue metal plates. Inside, the building comprises a single room with a counter, a few items in the form of boxes and bottles on display, and what appears to be a furnace.

In Final Fantasy VII, adjacent to the building's front door are large signposts written by Avalanche, reading "Don't be taken in by the Shinra. Mako energy will not last forever. Mako is the life of the Planet and that life is finite. The end is coming. Saviors of the Planet: AVALANCHE."

Johnny's home[]

Johnny's home is located in the northeast of the slums. The house's interior is depicted only in the original Final Fantasy VII, in which it contains a living room with a TV and table comprising most of the space, with a bathroom and bedroom both sectioned off. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Johnny is seen taken from his house and his parents can be talked to on the doorstep, but the house is never entered.

Seventh Heaven[]

Seventh Heaven.

Seventh Heaven is a tall wooden building located on the western end of the Slums, built in the style of a Texan bar. The bar and restaurant is located in the upper floor, while Avalanche's hideout is located underground, reached through a secret elevator disguised as a pinball machine. Inside, the bar has tables, bar stools, a counter where drinks are served, and a TV screen. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, it also has a darts board and a jukebox.

Stargazer Heights[]

The Stargazer Heights appears only in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a two-story stone apartment complex with a wooden roof and balcony on its upper floor, that has one room per resident. The rooms have a single bed, a desk, a sink, and a bathroom. Each room has an air conditioning unit outside, suggesting the sector can get warm.

Marle, the owner, stays in the room on the bottom floor on the right end, while Tifa stays in 201, the room on the top-left, a resident named Marco stays in room 203, and Cloud is given a room in between in 202. In Tifa's room, she keeps a handbag hanging up as well as a pair of boots, a poster for "AIR Music Gallery for music lovers", and on her desk are music CDs and books.

Municipal storage area[]

Seen only in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the municipal storage area is located northeast of Seventh Heaven. A barricade, with a caution site in front of it has been written over in Japanese writing, blocks the way towards it, and after this is a winding path with wooden barricades either side of the path. Metal stone walls surround the storage area itself, which has several metal warehouses and abandoned construction material.

Scrap Boulevard[]

Seen only in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Scrap Boulevard is a site that attracts monsters, located west of the town behind barricades used to keep the monsters out, and just adjacent to a stone wall that walls in the residential area. The area has dirt paths in between its crags, used to navigate the area. At the northwest end, a barricade blocks exit out onto another rocky path.

The boulevard is filled with abandoned scrap. This comes in the form of damaged, rusting cars, and abandoned construction material likely left behind from the factory. Between its crags are large metal pipes between its crags, and a few rusting lamps dotted around, suggesting the site is at least partially man-made.

Close to the boulevard's entrance, a large Shinra structure in the shape of a rocket jet is buried within the ground. In the north end of the boulevard, close to its entrance, is a cave, dimly lit by a few lamps, connecting two parts of the boulevard.


Final Fantasy VII[]

The town (top) and fighting on the pillar (bottom).

The Sector 7 Slums appears in the following chapters:

It is the first town visited by the player, during "At the Hideout in the Slums." During this chapter, the player meets Tifa, who joins the party. Cloud can then interact with residents briefly, most notably in the Beginner's Hall, where tutorials for the game's mechanics can be found, before using the train for "To the No. 5 Reactor."

The slums are later returned to in "Prevent the Fall of the Plate," when Cloud and Tifa rise through the support pillar fighting Shinra enemies such as the Aero Combatants, before joining up with Barret to face Turks:Reno.

The Sector 7 Slums map is very limited compared to its later appearance. Aside from its train station and pillar, only four buildings are found in the slums area: the Seventh Heaven (known as "7th Heaven"), the Weapon's Shop with the Beginner's Hall in the top floor, the Item Store, and Johnny's home.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Completing Odd Jobs with Tifa (top) and fighting the Turks (bottom).

The Sector 7 Slums appears in the following chapters:

The underground of the slums appears in:

The slums have a similar role to the original game, though the initial visit is greatly expanded. In "Home Sweet Slum", after meeting Tifa, Cloud goes on several quests with her around the slums helping the locals, in order to raise funds for Avalanche to properly pay him. The two then complete more mercenary Odd Jobs for the residents at Tifa's suggestion to build up his reputation as a merc. These quests are vital for the player's affection mechanics score with Tifa, and also to choose her dress.

The slums are briefly seen at the end of "Mad Dash" for short interactive quests and a combat quest once again involving Tifa, but its bigger gameplay role is during "Fight for Survival," a gameplay portion similar to "Prevent the Fall of the Plate" from the original. Much like the original game, Cloud and Tifa rise up the support pillar, fighting helitroopers and other Shinra enemies, before regrouping with Barret, as he joins the party for a battle against Reno and Rude. In an added segment during the chapter, Aerith is controlled by the player in a few quests in which she helps evacuate the slums, including Marlene.

The Sector 7 Slums has a similar map layout compared to the original game, with some notable expansions rather than layout overhauls. In the plaza connecting the station with the support pillar, the road south to the Sector 6 Slums, and the residential area on the west, a route to the abandoned factory was added. The residential area is greatly expanded, with many more buildings added (of which the Stargazer Heights is the most notable addition), dozens of non-player characters making the area feel more lived in, and the scrap boulevard added west of the slums.

The remnants of the Sector 7 slums are explored as the Sector 7 Collapsed Plate Area in chapter 13, "A Broken World", and briefly in chapter 14, "In Search of Hope". This area comprises only a tunnel, a few ruined houses, as well as a path to the Underground Test Site located beneath the undercity.

Musical themes[]

"Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" plays in the Sector 7 undercity in Final Fantasy VII Remake as the location was intended to serve as a central hub and to feel like home. Though Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place solely in Midgar, but the developers did not want to limit its soundtrack to themes originally only heard within the city.[4]

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Sector 7 Slums FFVII Special.png
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Sector 7's Support Pillar is the setting for the Collector's Event Countdown to Destruction.

Behind the scenes[]

Dummied content in Final Fantasy VII[]

A pre-release screenshot showing a deleted scene where Cloud talks to Tifa outside 7th Heaven.

In Final Fantasy VII, Sector 7 Slums contain a lot of dummied dialogue that can only be accessed by hacking into the game data. Originally the scenes at Sector 7 contained more interaction between the AVALANCHE members and Cloud, references to Sephiroth, and even a glimpse of him via dream sequences, signs of Cloud's mental instability, and allusions to the nature of Materia.

One well-known hidden scene is where Tifa and Cloud talk outside 7th Heaven bar, Cloud vowing he is leaving AVALANCHE to settle the score with Sephiroth for what he did to Nibelheim, and Tifa being surprised Cloud knows so much about the incident. In the final game the scenes are shorter and leave out a lot of exposition and plot elements, to be introduced later in the game.

Sector 7 crossroads.

The crossroads area outside the pillar has the bottom section always cut off by two guards. The bottom path actually leads to the Sector 6 playground, but this route is not intended to be taken in-game. If the player passes the guards via a hack or through a series of frame-perfect movements, it can lead to a bypass event glitch, skipping the entirety of the Sector 5 Reactor and Air Buster fight, as well as recruiting Aeris scenes. If the player enters Wall Market before intended, a Level 1 Aeris is added in the party. However, heading to the Sector 5 slums church puts the player in a soft lock, as the game unloads the cutscenes in reverse, and loads the player in the wrong spot during the meeting cutscene, making it impossible to move.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Wedge holding three of his cats.

The Sector 7 undercity has numerous stray cats. Co-director Motomu Toriyama has explained that their numbers can be attributed to Wedge who loves cats so much he can't help but bring any stray he finds back home with him. The other co-director Naoki Hamaguchi (game design / programming) had his own cat rendered in-game. Toriyama meanwhile wanted to make sure dog people were not left out, and added some more dogs to Midgar, which is why Marle—the landlord of Stargazer Heights—has one. [4]

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Cloud doesn't have a place of his own, but the player can sleep at the top of the beginner's hall building by paying a kid 10 gil. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, there is an NPC child near the weapon shop in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash", when returning from the mission topside, whose incidental dialogue is to "take a load off" at his place in exchange for a small fee. However, the player can only sleep in Cloud's room in this version.




  1. The Sector 7 undercity was home to more than 50,000 residents,[1] and the death toll of the plate crash was almost 50,000.[3]



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