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Sector 7 is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake that takes place in Upper Sector 7. It is a town explored with only Cloud Strife in the party, though both Biggs and Wedge are guest characters.

Sector 7 is visited during "Mad Dash", when Cloud escorts Jessie Rasberry to her family's house. The first few quests are non-combat quests, though later quests involve a large-scale battle at a Shinra Electric Power Company in the Sector 7-6 Annex.


S7 Depot[]

The only area in the S7 Depot is the Emergency Passageway, where Cloud and Avalanche arrive directly after the bike minigame in "Motor Chase". It simply contains a staircase up to the Overhead Tunnel in the Employee Housing Area.

Employee Housing Area[]

Overhead Tunnel[]

A tunnel reached from the S7 Depot. The tunnel itself has little of note, and running back through it will cause a warning to appear as Cloud will then run back.

Mid-Level Employee Housing[]

The location of Jessie's house. The Mid-Level Employee Housing area has many streets that can be explored, as well as an empty basketball court, but it otherwise contains nothing noteworthy before reaching Jessie's house during "Homecoming".

Jessie's house is a red brick located two blocks from the Overhead Tunnel. It is entered during "The Jessie Job" through the back entrance, and past its first room, the second contains Jessie's father. The Shinra ID card required to complete the quest is located in his uniform to the left of his bed. A letter on the floor, a letter by the computer at his desk, and a note on the bookshelf can only be interacted with before acquiring the ID card, but a photo of Jessie can be interacted with at any point.

When explored later in "Return to the Slums", the area is filled with Shinra guards, and the path is restricted to a path that follows Jessie.

Plate Partition[]

Plate Partition - Interior.

Accesed during "Return to the Slums" by following Jessie. The Plate Partition comprises two narrow areas: Connecting Passageway and the Plate Edge. At the start of the Plate Edge is a Revival Materia Revival Materia. The path must be traversed in order to complete "Return to the Slums" and begin the next quest.

Sector 7-6 Annex[]

Sign for the training center.

Seen first in "Sector 7-6 Annex Infiltration". The annex itself is located behind vehicle checkpoint gate, with a vending machine and bench just outside. To the right of the hallway leading into the main facility (west on the map) is a staircase downstairs to a training center, where the player can commence battle training to fight Sentry Rays. Biggs must be talked to in order to head further inside the annex.

The facility can be explored when "A Little Diversion" begins. Several enemies are fought here, including security officers, grenadiers, riot trooper, shock troopers, guard dogs, elite security officer, sweepers, and finally, Roche. While fought, Biggs and Wedge will contribute by shooting soldiers occasionally.


All quests take place during "Mad Dash". Aside from "A Little Diversion", all quests are mostly interactive quests involving cutscenes and dialogue, though "A Little Diversion" features a large battle in the Sector 7-6 Annex. After this, the final quests are non-combat.


All enemies are encountered in the Sector 7-6 Annex, during the quest "A Little Diversion".


A Revival Materia Revival Materia is found in the Plate Partition. Revival Materia location from FFVII Remake