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Sector 7-6 Annex Infiltration, A Little Diversion, and Rendezvous at the Empty Lot are quests in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Sector 7. After Cloud Strife robs Jessie Rasberry's house at her request to obtain a Shinra Electric Power Company ID card, she asks him, Biggs, and Wedge to create a distraction while she robs a Shinra warehouse.


Follow Biggs and Wedge, as dialogue is exchanged on the walk. Eventually, the group stops briefly for a cutscene, after which Wedge remarks the lock was found. Biggs will ask the group to wait for the signal, commencing a quick scene. Interact with Biggs when available for some dialogue, after which he will encourage Cloud to stock up on items or visit the training center to the left. At the training center, the player can interact with the terminal to make several Sentry Rays appear; these are quick enemies that can be defeated by a single ATB charge or by running to them and switching to Punisher Mode, though Cloud will need to guard to reduce damage.

To progress, talk to Biggs again, who will encourage Cloud to equip the summon materia (Fire is a great materia choice, as the boss is weak to it). Equip Ifrit on Cloud's weapon, at least one damaging Magic Materia Magic Materia, and the Healing Materia Healing Materia, and talk to him again stating intentions to start the mission. After a cutscene, the flare will go off. Follow the marker to inside the Shinra gate, where several security officers are stationed. After a cutscene, a lengthy battle will ensure against security officers and grenadiers. As many cluster together or are fought at range, using magic spells, such as Fire Fire or Blizzard Blizzard, is effective at defeating many at once, though usual attacks and abilities are sufficient. Conserve ATB charges, however, as Cloud will need to heal often.

After defeating many enemies, a cutscene commences, as a riot trooper and an elite security officer are fought. Use the elite security officer to build ATB gauges and defeat the riot trooper with magic, then focus on the elite security officer in Punisher Mode. Several shock troopers will then appear; either use magic, or swing attacks at them until they stop dodging then lay into them in Punisher Mode or using abilities. A cutscene will then commence as guard dogs appear; focus on staggering them with abilities and magic, then lay into them.

Once this encounter ends, a cutscene happens, and several sweepers arrive, though the summon gauge appears. These enemies can be fought in Punisher Mode, as Cloud focuses on staggering them with Focused Thrust. As the summon gauge builds up, summon Ifrit. Ifrit will attack the enemies regularly, and Cloud can use up one ATB charge for Ifrit to use a summon ability in battle.

Roche boss[]

Roche and Cloud clash.

Once both are defeated, Roche appears, and is then fought as a boss. Roche has a high HP and attacks with magic and his sword often, but is weak to Fire Fire. Guard against Roche's attacks, and throw in attacks against him to build up ATB, then use abilities. Because he fights Cloud in melee range, Punisher Mode can be engaged, to guard against his attacks often for counterattacks.

After losing a third of his HP, Roche enters the next phase where he will dodge Cloud's attacks, and charge up his own in which he lunges towards Cloud. Guard and wait for him to attack, then either stay guarded against it or dodge, before unleashing attacks and spells against him. Continue to guard against Roche's attacks and respond with spells, and take advantage of pressure. If his attacks are not guarded against, Cloud will be stunned.

After Roche is defeated, a cutscene commences. Follow Biggs on the blue marker to meet up with Jessie. The player can find a Revival Materia Revival Materia along the way Revival Materia location from FFVII Remake. After a cutscene, the next quest, "Return to the Slums", commences.

Hard mode tips[]

The enemies will deal considerably more damage and be more durable, but there are more effective ways to defeat them. Cloud can equip Fire Materia Fire Materia with Elemental Materia Elemental Materia to exploit the weakness of the majority of enemies, while Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia is especially useful for resisting the damage that Cloud will receive. Casting Regen Regen often can help with sustainability and Parry Materia Parry Materia allows Cloud to still dodge-roll while in Punisher Mode.

Triple Slash and Blade Burst can help deal with the more simple threats in the form of the security officers and grenadiers. Counterstance proves excellent against the guard dogs, riot troopers, and shock troopers: by using it just before they get in a more powerful attack, not only will Cloud reduce damage received, but get in an extremely powerful attack of his own. To save MP against riot troopers, rather than rely on spells, simply remain in Punisher Mode and rely on Cloud's counterattacks from Punisher Mode or Counterstance to defeat them. The Sweepers are more challenging than before, but the strategy is similar: use Focused Thrust and focus on staggering them, then unleash Infinity's End once they are staggered.

Similar tactics apply to Roche as before: remain in Punisher Mode and guard against him to unleash counterattacks. Counterstance is also very effective against him: when he uses his charging thrust attack, engaging Counterstance just before will allow Cloud to reduce damage and respond with a powerful attack.


This chapter is one of the earliest places where the player can grind for levels and AP. The terminal at the training center can be interacted with indefinitely. The player can also conveniently rest at the bench and restock items in the shop nearby, making it a safe grinding spot.