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...Is Sector 7 far from here? I want to go to Tifa's bar.

Cloud Strife

Sector 7 is one of the eight sectors of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. It also appears in some form in On the Way to a Smile: Episode Denzel, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

The Sector 7 slums is the first town visited by the party after the attack on the Sector 1 Reactor, and is AVALANCHE's home base and an unrevisitable location. The most prominent location is Tifa Lockhart's 7th Heaven bar. Denzel was born on Sector 7 Plate. Like every sector, it exists as both part of the slums and part of the plate. Only the slums section is ever shown in any Compilation of Final Fantasy VII media.


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Ifalna's Death

Ifalna dies on the Sector 7 Slums train station.

In 1992, Ifalna arrives on the Sector 7 Slums train station with her daughter Aeris, but passes away entrusting her daughter to a passerby called Elmyra Gainsborough, who had come to the station to wait for her husband who was away at the Wutai War. Elmyra's husband never returned, and she took Aeris home with her to Sector 5 Slums.

In October of 0007 Tifa finds a delirious Cloud from the Sector 7 Slums train station and is startled. Cloud snaps out of his stupor and recognizes Tifa. Though the reunion of the childhood friends is joyous, Tifa notes a strangeness in him, as Cloud claims they last saw each other five years ago, whereas Tifa knows it to be longer than that. To keep an eye on him and to discover the reason behind Cloud's inconsistent memories, Tifa convinces Cloud to stay with the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE that she is also a member, whose hideout is at the Sector 7 Slums.

In December AVALANCHE, along with their newly hired mercenary – Cloud – bomb Sector 1 Reactor and retreat to the Sector 7 Slums to avoid capture by the Shinra Electric Power Company. Cloud and Tifa reminisce about the promise Cloud made to her before he left their hometown of Nibelheim, and Tifa convinces him to fight alongside AVALANCHE.

Sector7 destruction

The fall of the Plate.

The next morning Cloud can spend time shopping in slums' shops before heading out to attack the Sector 5 Reactor. Shinra finds, through Don Corneo's assistance, the location of AVALANCHE's base, and decides to crush the terrorists by dropping the plate upon Sector 7. AVALANCHE fights for the pillar that sustains the plate, but cannot save Sector 7. The town is destroyed, killing the entire population of both parts of the sector, and the AVALANCHE members Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, while Cloud, Tifa, and Barret Wallace escape.

DoC Vincent Midgar

Vincent stands before the fallen plate.

Denzel is one of the few to survive the destruction, having lived on the upper Plate of Sector 7 with his family, but is orphaned. Together with other orphans he joined in a band called the Sector Seven Scavengers, and made a living by selling scrap metal from the ruins of Sector 7 to the builders of the new city of Edge.

Three years later in 0010 Vincent Valentine goes through the ruins of Sector 7 during the Battle of Midgar.

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Dummied contentEdit


A pre-release screenshot showing a deleted scene where Cloud talks to Tifa outside 7th Heaven.

In Final Fantasy VII Sector 7 Slums contain a lot of dummied dialogue that can only be accessed by hacking into the game data. Originally the scenes at Sector 7 contained more interaction between the AVALANCHE members and Cloud, references to Sephiroth, and even a glimpse of him via dream sequences, signs of Cloud's mental instability, and allusions to the nature of Materia.

One well-known hidden scene is where Tifa and Cloud talk outside 7th Heaven bar, Cloud vowing he is leaving AVALANCHE to settle the score with Sephiroth for what he did to Nibelheim, and Tifa being surprised Cloud knows so much about the incident. In the final game the scenes are shorter and leave out a lot of exposition and plot elements, to be introduced later in the game.


Sector 7 Slums StationEdit

To Train Graveyard - North. To Train to Sector 4. From Last Train from Midgar.


To Sector 6 - Park (sort of).

Support PillarEdit



[second half of stairs and console area]


[town area]

Weapon ShopEdit

Beginner's HallEdit


Item StoreEdit

Johnny's HomeEdit

7th HeavenEdit




The General Store in Final Fantasy VII can only be accessed just before the events on the pillar. The Iron Bangle armor can only be bought here, and the player will never be able to get additional copies once Sector 7 becomes inaccessible.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Item ShopEdit

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Fire 600 gil
Ice 600 gil
Lightning 600 gil
Restore 750 gil

Weapon ShopEdit

Name Cost
Iron Bangle 160 gil
Assault Gun 350 gil
Grenade 80 gil

General StoreEdit

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Grenade 80 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Tent 500 gil

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- shops can only be visited from the menu. Sector 7 Shop found in a treasure in Mission 4-4-3.

Name Cost
Fire Ring 3,000 gil
Fire Armlet 3,000 gil
Ice Ring 3,000 gil
Ice Armlet 3,000 gil
Lightning Ring 3,000 gil
Lightning Armlet 3,000 gil
Dragon Armlet 20,000 gil
Wizard Bracelet 80,000 gil
Element Blade 20,000 gil
Brigand's Gloves 10,000 gil
Mog's Armlet 10,000 gil
X-Potion 3,000 gil



Battle background.

Support Pillar (Lower)Edit


Battle background.

Support Pillar (Upper)Edit

Musical themesEdit

"Under the Rotting Pizza" from Final Fantasy VII
FFVII - Underneath the Rotting Pizza

On first coming to Sector 7, the first background music to play is "Under the Rotting Pizza" (腐ったピザの下で, Kusatta Piza no Shita De?), also known as "Underneath the Rotting Pizza". After Cloud accepts the mission to destroy the Sector 5 Reactor, the background music changes to "Barret's Theme" (バレットのテーマ, Baretto no Tēma?). Finally, during the final visit to Sector 7, the normal battle theme, "Those Who Fight" (闘う者達, Tatakau Monotachi?, lit. Those Who Fight), plays.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Sector 7 Slums FFVII Special
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Sector 7's Support Pillar is the setting for the Collector's Event Countdown to Destruction.


Final Fantasy VII


Sector 7

Sector 7 crossroads.

  • According to an NPC conversation with one of Johnny's friends, the Sector 7 slums used to have a giant TV monitor like the one seen in the Sector 5 slums, but Barret shot it up when President Shinra was on. The remains of the shot-up TV monitor can be seen in the upper-left-hand corner of the map, behind the 7th Heaven.
  • The crossroads area outside the pillar has the bottom section always cut off by two guards. The bottom path actually leads to the Sector 6 playground, but this route is not intended to be taken in-game. If the player passes the guards via a hack or through a series of frame-perfect movements, it can lead to a bypass event glitch, skipping the entirety of the Sector 5 Reactor and Air Buster fight, as well as recruiting Aeris scenes. If the player enters Wall Market before intended, a Level 1 Aeris is added in the party. However, heading to the Sector 5 Church puts the player in a soft lock, as the game unloads the cutscenes in reverse, and loads the player in the wrong spot during the meeting cutscene, making it impossible to move.
  • When the player first enters the town area, Tifa briefly pops out of the 7th Heaven before going back in. If the player is fast enough to talk to Barret while Tifa is still outside, Barret will ask if Cloud is ready to see his "babe". Cloud's possible responses are: What do you mean? and OUTTA MY WAY!
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