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Sector 6 is a field map in Final Fantasy VII taking place in the slums beneath Sector 6. It is first visited by a party of Cloud and Aeris as they travel through the slums on the way to the Sector 7 Slums, and is revisited for a few quests.


Collapsed expressway[]

Collapsed expressway.

The collapsed expressway connects the streets of the Sector 5 Slums at the south end with the Green Park in Sector 6 at its north end. It is a heavily damaged road filled with abandoned construction material, where monsters are fought as random encounters, including the Whole Eater and Hell House. The expressway is navigated with tunnels, wooden ladders, and bridges made of the abandoned construction material. Near an old construction crane, the party needs to walk up a girder that is a field model rather than part of the pre-rendered background. A fence with posters alongside it appears on the left-hand side of the road.


Park after plate's fall.

The park at the end of the expressway is home to a playground with a swing, slide, and tunnel, and a single cubicle that presumably contains a bathroom, but otherwise is filled with abandoned construction material. At the back of the Green Park is a gate leading to Sector 7, which the player cannot access, and to the right is the road to Wall Market. The southern entrance has its name ("Green Park") written in Japanese.

After the plate has fallen, debris blocks the gate and the area is filled with smoke. The cubicle has fallen, and the slide is impaled by debris through the top. During this time, a Sense Materia lies next to the gate to the south.

Wall Market[]


A lively shopping center home to Don Corneo as well as various stores of interest, Wall Market is located past a bending road east of Green Park. It features a major questline during "To Corneo Hall" and is returned to for later quests.


The lower (left) and upper (right) plate.

The plate above the slums of Sector 6 can be climbed from the Wall Market to reach Sector 0 from a dangling cable. Much like the rest of Sector 6, the plate is unfinished, with construction material and machinery along the climb upwards. Many of the machines are missing the batteries required to operate them, purchased from the Wall Market weapon store.



Battle background.

Collapsed expressway[]

All enemies are encountered in the road connecting Sector 5 and the Sector 6 Green Park. The Hell House is a large enemy with high HP, which can be a mild threat due to its damage if not handled properly. It is best defeated using magic spells to shave away its HP. The Whole Eaters can be encountered in greater numbers, and thus spells linked with the All Materia are effective, though they can also be defeated in two or three physical attacks. Cloud can equip the Cover Materia to protect Aeris, who can concentrate on healing.


A Sense Materia is found on the Sector 6 Park following the battle at the Sector 7 Support Pillar. It is by the fence at the bottom end of the playground.

Date mechanics[]

The game has a hidden affection value that determines whom Cloud will go on a date with in Gold Saucer later. The value is determined by the dialogue and party member choices made prior to the date.

In the Sector 6 playground:

  • "See her home." (No change)
  • "Go on to to Sector 7" (+1 Aeris)

Musical themes[]

"Under the Rotting Pizza"

"Under the Rotting Pizza" plays on the collapsed expressway and the park. "Flowers Blooming in the Church" plays in the park when Cloud and Aerith first enter it and "On That Day, Five Years Ago..." is played when the party meets up in the park after the destruction of Sector 7. "The Oppressed" plays in Wall Market. "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault" plays during the ascension of the plate.

Behind the scenes[]

The gate where the chocobo cart comes through leads to the area in Sector 7 Slums that is always blocked off by two Shinra officers. The player is not intended to take this route in-game, but it is possible via a hack or through a series of frame-perfect movements. Doing this can lead to a bypass event glitch, skipping the entire Mako Reactor 5 events and meeting with Aeris, although a Lv 1 Aeris is added to the party if the player initiates the events at Wall Market.

The wire made visible.

To get to the Sector 6 park from the main area of Sector 6 the player must run through an area with random encounters. This area contains lots of scrap. There is a girder in this area that allows the player to move from the ground to a higher level to proceed, however, the game does not make this clear.

The girder is actually a field model and not part of the 2D background. Another hidden model in the data is a model known as "wire". If this model is turned on it becomes apparent it is attached to the crane and the grip is around the girder. One of the field background states lights up the inside of the crane.

Since the crane does not serve a purpose and has the wire model related to it, as well as the girder model having no reason to be a model, it is likely the player would have had to have moved, lowered, or rotated the girder with the crane as an earlier idea for the game. Pre-release shots show the area without the girder in its usual position.[1]


  1. Whole Eater C is covered by Whole Eater A; Whole Eater D is covered by Whole Eater B