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Sector 6 is one of the eight sectors that make up Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. It is under the Shinra Electric Power Company's control. Like every sector of the metropolis, it is composed of both Slums and Plate sections, although only the Slums section is visited in the games, as the plate section is badly damaged and in an incomplete state.

The most notable locations of the area are the Evergreen Park (みどり公園, Midori Kōen?) and Wall Market.


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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Park in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Zack Fair meets Aerith Gainsborough in Sector 5 slums church and later the two spend time in the Sector 6 park where the two discuss SOLDIER and its members' extraordinary powers. Aerith lets Zack know she is wary of SOLDIER, and gets embarrassed when Zack says he is part of the organization. Aerith reveals she is afraid of the sky, but thinks Zack's eyes have a glow in them that resembles it, only it's less frightening to her. Their time is cut short when Zack receives orders to return to the Shinra Building.

Later on Zack builds various flower carts for Aerith to sell flowers in the park, although this does not work out well.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Park before plate's fall.

Sector 6 is the last unfinished sector. A massive gouge is apparent on the scale model of the plate in Shinra Headquarters.

Much of the Sector 6 slums, bar Wall Market, are in a state of ruin, with monsters running rampant and large chunks of debris littering the ground. When Cloud Strife is trying to find his way to Sector 7, Aeris sets to help him. They cross the debris and find themselves in the park, where Aeris wants to take a break.

She reminisces of her time with Zack, and tells Cloud about him. The gate to Sector 7 opens and a chocobo cart emerges with Tifa Lockhart onboard. Recognizing her, Cloud calls out to her, but she does not respond. Aeris and Cloud follow her to Wall Market, although Cloud tries to make Aeris return home.

Sector 6 remains relatively unscathed by the fall of Sector 7 plate, only the park being heavily damaged. Having barely escaped Sector 7 in a nick of time, Barret, Tifa and Cloud organize themselves at the park. Barret mourns for his friends, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, and his daughter Marlene. Tifa tells him Aeris has taken Marlene to safety, and the trio leaves the park to look for her.

Sector 6, along with the rest of Midgar, is destroyed by Meteor.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

While Midgar was still under construction, Sector 6 suffered a similar disaster to the one that Shinra later inflicts on Sector 7, with the upper plate having fallen on it. Some people were already living there, hence there were casualties. Never rebuilt, the sector has become a lawless area home to bandits and abandoned machinery. Strewn throughout are several mechanical hand cranes for the moving of crates, which Cloud and Aerith employ to travel through the sector.

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The Sector 6 slums are filled with debris and abandoned construction sites left from the Sector 6 plate, which fell after an accident. As such, it has few residents, and no residential area as is seen in the Sector 5 slums or Sector 7 slums. Of the debris left from the fallen plate, the most notable is the Collapsed Expressway, a fallen expressway tunnel in which monsters dwell within the abandoned crushed road.

The main hub of the Sector 6 Slums is Wall Market, a lawless entertainment center walled in on all sides. Another major attraction is the Evergreen Park, a playground frequented by Aerith that is adjacent to a path to the Sector 7 slums. Beneath the slums, a sewer system connects Sector 6 with the Sector 7 plate.

S6-5 Road[]

Featured only in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the S6-5 Road leads directly from the Sector 5 Undercity to Wall Market, with a fork on the road left to the Collapsed Expressway. It is a narrow dirt road through a hole in a wall of the Sector 5 Undercity. The road is surrounded on either side by rubble and debris left from the fallen Sector 6 plate fell, as well as crags and limited vegetation. Halfway along the road is a fallen piece of the Sector 6 plate interior, a winding metal tunnel that leads directly to the Collapsed Expressway.

Collapsed Expressway[]

Collapsed Expressway.

The Collapsed Expressway forms the remains of an expressway tunnel road from fallen Sector 6 plate. It is located close to the Sector 5 slums, and on the way to the Evergreen Park. The expressway can be navigated through its tunnels, wooden ladders, and through old construction technology, the most notable of which are large robot hands. It has become a home for monsters and a hideout for criminals, whose lairs lie in the lower depths of the expressway ruins, and have graffiti across the walls.

Evergreen Park[]

Evergreen Park.

The Evergreen Park is the site of a playground close to the gate to the Sector 7 Undercity through a wall between the sectors. The playground, frequented by Aerith, has a swing, slide, and tunnel beneath a small climbing frame connected to the S7-6 Service Tunnel to Sector 7. It is located in front of a gate from the Sector 7 Undercity as well as a path to the S7-6 Road to Wall Market. In contrast to its name, the park is mostly concrete and seems to have few visitors.

S7-6 Road[]

The S7-6 Road leads from Wall Market's south entrance to the gate to the Sector 7 Undercity, creating a path directly from the Evergreen Park to Wall Market. In Final Fantasy VII, this is a very short street with shanty houses either side.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the road leads along crags and debris, much like the S6-5 Road, though it is a little cleaner, with metal barricades hold up either side of the road, and banners with advertisements for Wall Market's attractions seen on the way. At the road's end by Wall Market is the headquarters for Sam's Delivery Service, ran by Chocobo Sam.

Wall Market[]

Wall Market

The most notable point of interest in the Sector 6 slums, Wall Market is an entertainment quarter and a shopping center that is walled in on all sides, ran by Don Corneo and his subordinates. The market is home to the Honeybee Inn, Corneo's mansion, as well as many attractions including diners, a boutique, a gym, and stores.

Wall Market is also adjacent to a wall that can be climbed to reach the plate above the slums of Sector 6.


The sewers of Sector 6 are located beneath Wall Market, and connect Sector 6 to the Train Graveyard of the Sector 7 Slums.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Sector 6.

Sector 6 is first visited by a party of Cloud and Aeris during "The Woman at the Church" as they travel through the sector in order to return Cloud to Sector 7. It is later revisited in "Aeris's Secret" by a party of Cloud, Barret, and Tifa while they travel through to Aerith's house in Sector 5.

The map comprises only three screens: the Collapsed Expressway linked to the Sector 5 Slum, the Evergreen Park, and a road from the park on the way to Wall Market, the main attraction of Sector 6. Enemies are fought in the collapsed expressway in the form of the Whole Eater and Hell House, but the map itself has little that is noteworthy.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Crane minigame in the Collapsed Expressway.

The Sector 6 Slums has a similar role: it is visited by a party of Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough during Chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps," as Aerith escorts Cloud to Sector 7, and later revisited by a party of Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace in Chapter 13, "A Broken World," as they travel to Aerith's house. Sidequests also take place through the Sector 6 Slums in Chapter 8 as well as Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope."

The Sector 6 Slums is greatly expanded in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Where the Collapsed Expressway was once the only road from Sector 5 to the Evergreen Park, a new road simply named the S6-5 road connects Sector 5 directly to Wall Market, and the Collapsed Expressway is a detour from this road that bypasses Wall Market to lead straight to the Evergreen Park. The Collapsed Expressway is also greatly expanded in length, includes a minigame in which the robot arm must be operated to move Aerith to reach higher places, and has different enemies fought there, both monsters and also bandits, and the playground in the Evergreen Park can be interacted with.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]


In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- shops can only be visited from the menu. Sector 6 Accessory Shop is available after completing Mission 6-2-6.

Name Cost
Bronze Bangle 500 gil
Bronze Armlet 500 gil
Chocobo Armlet 500 gil
Wrist Band 1,000 gil
Bulletproof Vest 1,000 gil
Earrings 1,000 gil
Amulet 1,000 gil

Wutai Spy[]

The final spy in the Wutai Spies mission is the kid in the playground.

Sephiroth Fan Club[]

The player can join the Sephiroth fan club, Silver Elite, by correctly answering a questionnaire at the park in Chapter 6.

Question Answer
What's the name of Sephiroth's sword? Masamune
What is the name of Sephiroth's ultimate attack? Super Nova
In which hand does Sephiroth hold his sword? Left

Flower Wagon[]

The flower wagon models.

Zack can find various parts during his adventures to make different models of flower carts for Aerith.

There are three different wagons Zack can build for Aerith if he has all the parts. After building the first wagon Zack is told to go back to the Shinra Building where Kunsel gives Zack the opportunity to go back to see Aerith. Upon speaking with her Zack can build a second wagon, and must again go back to the headquarters. If Zack goes back to see Aerith for the third time they can build a third flower wagon.

First Wagon
  • Used Tools: Outside Sector 5 slums church there are two glowing objects on the ground. The one on the left is the tools, the other one is a helmet.
  • Old Lumber: There is a piece of wood at the slums market, near the entrance. The carpenter will give it if Zack can come up with a name for his tavern. The correct answer is 'Seventh Heaven'.
  • Worn Tires: The man standing by a vehicle in LOVELESS Avenue will give them.
  • Wagon Instructions: After collecting the three objects Zack can go back the shiny helmet in front of the church to find the instructions.

Aerith's flower wagons.

Second Wagon
  • Craftsman Monthly: Reward for beating Mission 1-2-6.
  • Walnut Wood: Zack must catch all six Wutai spies.
  • Premium Tires: After beating all the Recall Missions, Zack can talk to SOLDIER 3rd Class in Briefing Room in Shinra Building to get the Premium Tires.
  • Mythril Tool: After beating all the Monsters in Midgar missions, Zack can talk to the researcher in the Vehicle Room at the Shinra Headquarters to get the tools.
Third Wagon

All the items are rewards for playing the squats minigame in the training room of Shinra Headquarters. The items are: Shinra lunch cart specs, Shinra ceramic, Shinra treads 8, and Shinra solder.

Behind the scenes[]

Pre-release shots of Final Fantasy VII show an area that is darkened in the final game.[1]

Sector 6 broken plate appears above Sector 5 slums.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Sector 5 slums are directly connected with the Sector 6 slums, and it's possible to freely move between them, making the complete map seem much smaller than Midgar's size would suggest. The upper plate is not scaled to reflect this, placing both the Sector 5 and 6 slums under the same plate: the broken down Sector 6. This is especially noticeable by looking at the sector's pillar outside the Sector 5 slums church; the pillar is only visible from Sector 5, but it disappears from view if the player goes to Sector 6.