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Sector 5 Slums is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake situated in the undercity beneath the Sector 5 plate, explored multiple times throughout the game. First, it is explored by a party of Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough, and later by a party of Cloud, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart.

The field is first visited in Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard", as Cloud and Aerith meet, flee the Turks, then help the townspeople in Sector 5. Later, it is visited in Chapter 13, "A Broken World", briefly as Cloud, Barret, and Tifa return to Aerith's house. In Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", several sidequests are available in the Sector 5 Slums areas.


Church area[]


Sector 5 Slums - Church.

Church - Attic.

Known as Sector 5 Slums - Church on-screen, the church comprises four floors: the ground floor, Church - 2F, Church - 3F, and Church Attic.

On the ground floor, Church - Chapel is located as the main room where flowers grow. During "Second Chance Meeting" in Chapter 8, Aerith can be interacted with, and battles take place against security officers, elite security officers, and later Reno. When later revisited in Chapter 14, non-player characters are found.

The back area of the church (simply known as "Church" in the menu) has two flights of stairs leading up to the attic. During "Second Chance Meeting", a few areas are restricted. On the ground floor, a Chakra Materia Chakra Materia can be obtained Chakra Materia in the church from FFVII Remake, though it is inaccessible until later during Chapter 8. At the third floor, a ladder leads up to Church - Attic, where pillars can be traversed to reach Sanctuary Way. There is also a treasure for a talisman at the back of the church Talisman location in the church from FFVII Remake.

During "In Search of Hope", Kyrie Canaan is present here for the quests "Tomboy Bandit" as well as "Corneo's Secret Stash". One of Chocobo Sam's missing birds is found outside the church in "Chocobo Search", opening the church up as a fast-travel location via Sam's Delivery Service. The Medicinal Flowers key item is found inside the church for the "Secret Medicine" quest Medicinal Flowers location from FFVII Remake.

Sanctuary Way[]

Rooftops above Sanctuary Way.

A long path from the church to the Sector 5 Undercity Station. Here, hedgehog pies are fought between buildings, a straight road through abandoned warehouses.

During "Head for the Station" in Chapter 8, the Rooftops area is traversed, comprising a path that Cloud and Aerith cross, while only the lower area of Sanctuary Way is otherwise visited. Along the way, a moogle medal and a bottle of ether are found in treasure chests. The path leads to the Sanctuary Way.

Sector 5 Undercity Station[]

Undercity Station.

Referred to as Sector 5 Slums - Station on-screen, several non-player characters are found here, as well as a bench and vending machine that sells Music discCait Sith's Theme for the Music Collection. Though there are many stalls nearby, none sell items to the player.

From the station, a path north through a fence leads up to Sanctuary Way. The path south leads to Station Way, connecting the station directly to the Center District, while a road east leads to areas comprising the Backstreets area.

An NPC gives the "Descendant of Shinobi" disc.

During "In Search of Hope", Johnny is present here, for both the quests "Tomboy Bandit" and "Johnny's Stolen Wallet". There is also now a NPC with music playing, who gives out Music discDescendant of Shinobi when spoken to.

The station is a fast-travel location for Sam's Delivery Service.

Backstreets area[]

A series of scrapyards comprising the backstreets, visited in "Through the Backstreets" as Aerith and Cloud avoid the Turks. It is later revisited for a variety of sidequests throughout chapters 8 and 14.

Scrapyard Back Alley[]

Scrapyard Back Alley during "Weapons on a Rampage".

Located in the northwest, the Scrapyard Back Alley comprises a road from the Undercity Station. Wererats and gorgers are fought on the way. At the end of the road is a fork: north leading to an empty area (a site where monsters are fought during sidequests, including "Weapons on a Rampage"), while south leads to Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills and Twilight Valley.

In the south, a ladder leads down to the Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills lower, but this ladder is blocked by a gate, opened on the opposite side in "The Gate Won't Open". After moving a construction container, the path east leads to Twilight Valley.

Twilight Valley[]

Located in the north end, comprising a winding road connecting to both Scrapyard Back Alley and Steel Mountain. Halfway along the road is a plaza in between abandoned houses, where hedgehog pies are fought. A set of ladder at the bottom leads to a ledge with two paths: left leads further along the road, while right leads to ladders and handlebars crossed to obtain a chest with a caliginous bracelet.

Steel Mountain[]

A winding road above a mountain of debris from Twilight Alley leading to a path to a lower area that connects to the Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills. At the bottom ground, hedgehog pies and gorgers are fought, while a ladder on the right leads up the Lookout Point is located to the east. At the southwest point is a staircase up to a vault opened for "Corneo's Secret Stash" in Chapter 14, and a gate on the left leads to Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills.

Lookout Point[]

Lookout Point during "The Angel of the Slums".

A round area atop a mountain, visited for various sidequests, beginning with "The Angel of the Slums".

Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills[]

An area located by several abandoned warehouses, with a road south leading to the Center District. Near the warehouses, a smogger is fought, and a ladder in the northwest leads to Scrapyard Back Alley (a gate for "The Gate Won't Open" can be opened here). A hedgehog pie is fought after doing so and then leaving.

On the first visit, before using the road south, a gate must be opened on the other side by moving containers to create a path across handlebars to reach it. Partway along the road, a fork leads right to the Slums Public Cemetery.

Slums Public Cemetary[]

An area visited during several sidequests, locked behind a gate opened with a key purchased from the Moogle Emporium. It is visited for sidequests where enemies are fought there, starting with "Paying Respects" in chapter 8, and in chapter 14, it is revisited for "Missing Children".

Station Way[]

A road along from the Undercity Station to the Center District which bypasses the backstreets area. Several non-player characters walk along the road.

Center District[]

Near the Leaf House in the Center District.

The Center District is a large marketplace first visited in "Sector 5 Slums Monitor". Several non-player characters are found, and can be approached to overhear dialogue, and many of the characters also give sidequests. The entrance has a chocobo stable that becomes a post for fast-travel in Chapter 14 if the player completes the "Chocobo Search". Several stores are located here, including a weapons store, an item store, a materia store, and Chadley. Most stores are located around the east part of the town. The materia shop also sells the Music discCosta del Sol music disc. Near the entrance to the district is a bench, serving as a rest spot. In the middle near the east by the Fifth Cafe is a chest with 200 gil, and in the southwest corner, below the home, is a treasure chest containing an echo mist.

Kids outside the Leaf House orphanage at night.

In the west end of the store, the Leaf House, relevant to various quests, is found just before the road to Petal Lane. The flower arrangements that are set out outside it depend on which flowers the player chooses from Aerith's garden as part of the story. Talking to the employees here eventually reveals that Biggs used to be a teacher at Leaf House, and is still fondly remembered. The orphanage gets by thanks to the patronage of those who have since moved out.[1] There are various children-made chalk drawings on the blackboard inside of Final Fantasy series's mascots: tonberry, moogle, chocobo and cactuar. Leaf House blackboard from FFVII Remake There is a bottle of ether in the classroom. As part of the main quest, the Housemother makes a flower arrangement on the side of the building based on the flowers the player picked.

A jukebox is found in a retirement home just south of Leaf House with Music discTango of Tears music disc, and a vial of celeris is found in a treasure chest. Past the Leaf House is Petal Lane, a road from the Center District to Aerith's House, with a plaza halfway along that serves as an arena for several battles, first against Rude in "Requests for the Mercenary", and later a battle during "Malicious Goons".

In the northwest, a small gap leads to the Children's Secret Hideout, where Moggie can be found to sell rare items for moogle medals, as well as Sarah who is spoken to for the Whack-a-Box minigame. There is a treasure for moogle medals here. Further east of the hideout is the road to the Underdeveloped Land.

The southeast road of the Center District leads to the Sector 6 Slums.

Aerith's House[]

Aerith's house.

A garden by a waterfall as well as the site of Aerith's house itself by the southwest island. The garden is visited for a variety of quests.

Aerith's house has three floors, the second of which has a guest room that Cloud stays in for a few sidequests. In Chapter 8, MP Up Materia MP Up Materia can be found on the north island in the garden. Later, there is a mythical amulet in an upstairs bedroom Mythical Amulet in Aeriths House from FFVII Remake and a Pedometer Materia Pedometer Materia outside Pedometer Materia found from FFVII Remake.

Underdeveloped Land[]

Underdeveloped Land - Toad Marsh.

Listed as "Sector 5 Slums - Underdeveloped Area" on-screen, Underdeveloped Land comprises two areas east of the Children's Hideout, where several monsters are fought. The area is visited for the quest "Danger in the Hideout", is the site of the Whack-a-Box minigame, and is visited for the sidequest "Kids on Patrol".

Specter St. is the south area visited directly from the Children's Hideout, and is a road through abandoned material and across a bridge to the second area. Hedgehog pies are fought in the first warehouse, and both hedgehog pies and wererats are fought just outside it. Past it, a ramp leads up to an abandoned house, with a treasure chest in front of it containing a mega-potion.

A bridge from Specter St. leads across to Toad Marsh, a route through an abandoned warehouse and then several open areas that leads to a marsh at the end by a river. Wererats, hedgehog pies, and smoggers are fought on the way.


Budding Bodyguard[]

Both the quests and sidequests of "Budding Bodyguard" are primarily combat quests involving a party of Cloud and Aerith. In the first quest, "Second Chance Meeting", Cloud fights a solo boss battle against Reno, and the next few quests involve Cloud and Aerith making their way to the Center District, fighting various monsters on the way. The Discovery sidequest "The Gate Won't Open" appears midway through to create a shortcut through the backstreets areas of the Slums.

Another combat quest takes place in "Danger in the Hideout" and leads directly into "Requests for the Mercenary", when Odd Jobs become available. These are all primarily combat quests, with the exception of "The Mysterious Moogle Merchant" and "A Verified Hero", the former involving meeting Moggie and the latter involving the Whack-a-Box minigame. At the end, Cloud and Aerith fight Rude, and the Discovery sidequest "The Language of Flowers" is a simple cutscene with Aerith.

A Broken World[]

The Sector 5 Slums are visited briefly during "Words of Hope", as Cloud, Tifa, and Barret must run to Aerith's house, and then in "Checking on Friends" when they return to the Sector 6 Slums.

In Search of Hope[]

The Sector 5 Slums is visited by a party of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret during the chapter. The first two Main Scenario quests begin in the Sector 5 Slums, and are non-combat quests. After this, many of the Odd Jobs take place throughout the Sector 5 Slums.

Only one sidequest takes place entirely within the Sector 5 Slums: Ms. Folia offers "Missing Children", in which the three must travel to the Slums Public Cemetery to find the children, and fight phantoms at the cemetery. Though "Malicious Goons" starts in the Sector 6 Slums after talking to Madam M, the main battle takes place within the Sector 5 Slums by Petal Lane, a fight against a tonberry.

A few of the sidequests begin in the Sector 5 Slums and then take the player around Midgar. "Chocobo Search" is offered by a stablehand in the Center District, who asks the party to find missing chocobos around Midgar. Doing so grants fast travel to said areas. Damon offers the quest "Corneo's Secret Stash", in which the party can obtain several treasures across Midgar after meeting up with Mireille in the Lookout Point.

In the Sector 5 Undercity Station, Johnny is present in the Sector 5 Undercity Station, offering the quest "Tomboy Bandit". This is required to proceed with "Corneo's Secret Stash" also, but the quest takes the party to the Corneo Colosseum before returning to Kyrie. After completing it, the discovery quest "Johnny's Stolen Wallet" takes place, but is only relevant for the trophy, "The Johnny Experience".


Enemy Area Chapter
Hedgehog Pie Sanctuary Way

Twilight Valley
Steel Mountain
Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills
Underdeveloped Land - Specter St.
Underdeveloped Land - Toad Marsh

Budding Bodyguard
Sanctuary Way

Scrapyard Back Alley

In Search of Hope
Wererat Scrapyard Back Alley

Underdeveloped Land - Specter St.
Underdeveloped Land - Toad Marsh

Budding Bodyguard
Scrapyard Back Alley In Search of Hope
Gorger Scrapyard Back Alley

Steel Mountain

Budding Bodyguard
Smogger Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills

Underdeveloped Land - Toad Marsh

Budding Bodyguard
Steel Mountain In Search of Hope
Lesser Drake Nuts 'n' Bolts Hills In Search of Hope
Ringmaw Twilight Valley In Search of Hope

Bosses are fought in various quests.



Item Area
Talisman Church Talisman location in the church from FFVII Remake
Smelling Salts Church Smelling Salts in the church from FFVII Remake
Chakra Materia Chakra Materia[note 1] Church Chakra Materia in the church from FFVII Remake
Moogle Medal Rooftops Moogle Medal on the Sector 5 rooftops from FFVII Remake
Ether Rooftops
Caliginous Bracelet Twilight Valley
200 gil Center District
Celeris Center District
Echo Mist Center District
Ether Leafhouse classroom Ether in Leafhouse from FFVII Remake
Moogle Medal Children's Secret Hideout Moogle Medal at the Childrens Hideout in Sector 5 from FFVII Remake
Mega-Potion Underdeveloped Land - Specter St.
MP Up Materia MP Up Materia Aerith's House - North garden MP Up Materia in Aeriths garden from FFVII Remake
Mythical Amulet Aerith's House - Upstairs bedroom Mythical Amulet in Aeriths House from FFVII Remake
Pedometer Materia Pedometer Materia[note 1] Near to Aerith's House Pedometer Materia found from FFVII Remake
Medicinal Flowers The church flower bed in Ch.14 Medicinal Flowers location from FFVII Remake
Music discCait Sith's Theme Sector 5 Station jukebox
Music discTango of Tears Community Center jukebox
Music discDescendant of Shinobi Merchant gives Descendant of Shinobi disc from FFVII Remake Sector 5 Station NPC in Ch.14
  1. 1.0 1.1 In a repeat playthrough, these materia will be Healing Materia Healing Materia instead.


Materia Shop
Name Cost Stock
Music discCosta del Sol 50 1
Healing Materia Healing Materia 600 gil Infinite
Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia 1500 gil Infinite
Revival Materia Revival Materia 3000 gil Infinite
Fire Materia Fire Materia 500 gil Infinite
Ice Materia Ice Materia 500 gil Infinite
Lightning Materia Lightning Materia 500 gil Infinite
Poison Materia Poison Materia 1500 gil Infinite
Barrier Materia Barrier Materia 1500 gil Infinite
Subversion Materia Subversion Materia 3000 gil Ch.13–14
HP Up Materia HP Up Materia 2000 gil Infinite
MP Up Materia MP Up Materia 2000 gil Infinite
Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia 600 gil Infinite
Item Shop
Name Cost Stock
Potion 50 gil Infinite
Hi-Potion 300 gil Infinite
Mega-Potion 700 gil Ch.13–14
Ether 500 gil Infinite
Phoenix Down 300 gil Infinite
Antidote 80 gil Infinite
Echo Mist 100 gil Infinite
Smelling Salts 80 gil Infinite
Remedy 600 gil Ch.13–14
Weapon Shop
Name Cost Stock
Nail Bat Nail Bat ? Ch.13–14
Sonic Strikers Sonic Strikers ? Ch.13–14
Arcane Scepter Arcane Scepter ? Ch.13–14
Mythril Rod Mythril Rod ? Ch.13–14
Leather Bracer 1600 gil Infinite
Mesmeric Armlet 1600 gil Infinite
Titanium Bangle 2000 gil Infinite
Caliginous Bracelet 3200 gil Infinite
Gothic Bangle 3000 gil Ch.13–14
Magician's Bracelet 4800 gil Ch.13–14
Heavy-Duty Bracer 4800 gil Ch.13–14
Sorcerer's Armlet 4800 gil Ch.13–14
Power Wristguards 800 gil Infinite
Bulletproof Vest 800 gil Infinite
Earrings 800 gil Infinite
Talisman 800 gil Infinite
Supernatural Wristguards 5000 gil Ch.13–14
Survival Vest 5000 gil Ch.13–14
Platinum Earrings 5000 gil Ch.13–14
Timeworn Talisman 5000 gil Ch.13–14
Star Pendant 1500 gil Infinite
Headband 1500 gil Ch.13–14
Revival Earrings 500 gil Ch.13–14

Moggie operates a store known as the Moogle Emporium in Children's Secret Hideout, in which all items are purchased with moogle medals. A vending machine is located in the Undercity Station.

Behind the scenes[]

Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi considered the moment in which Cloud and Aerith hop across the rooftops of the abandoned slum houses to be his favorite nod to the original game, and was happy that the modern technology allowed players to take in the scenery of the slums.[2]

In the church, before talking to Aerith and triggering Reno to appear, it is possible to hear a line from Reno by moving near the church exit. This line is a reference to the original game, and its inclusion was proposed by developers working on the location as a nod to the original.[2]

Between the three flower arrangements at the Leaf House, the vast majority of players (76%) reported getting the chocobo flower arrangement, while 15% saw the moogle arrangement, and 9% the cactuar arrangement. Additionally, 93% of players reported Aerith wearing the best dress, suggesting 93% of players completed all Odd Jobs during "Budding Bodyguard".[3]

Some of the kids' incidental dialogue in this area suggests they are emulating Jessie Rasberry and acting out the play going on at Gold Saucer at the time:

Then you must be from the legendary... the legendary... Uh, what was the next line again?
You can be my loyal knight.
Alas, poor prince, I must confess, I am not from this planet.
Hmm, acting is a lot harder than it looks. Where are you, Jessie? Come home and help me soon.
One day, I wanna grow up and be just like Jessie.



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