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Sector 4 Plate, also known as Sector 4 - Plate Interior on the map, is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The field is the main setting of chapter 6, "Light the Way", and comprises a series of passageways around the Sector 4 plate.

The Sector 4 Plate is traversed by Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart as they navigate the machinery to create a path to Mako Reactor 5. Along the way, a variety of monsters and some Shinra Electric Power Company defenses are fought.


The four different section of the Sector 4 Plate are listed as Plate Upper Level, Plate Mid-Level, Plate Lower Level, and Plate Partition - Interior. The first three are different tiers for the main areas of the plate, while the last comprises its own area.

Section F[]

The first section of the plate visited, seen during "Head for Section G".

Cargo Platform[]

The first area entered at the start of the chapter. It contains a vending machine, a bench, boxes to break, and a ladder down to the Section F Utility Access.

Utility Access[]

A series of passageways linking the different parts of Section F, with a gate to Section G. First accessed from a ladder down from the Cargo Platform, a treasure chest on the right contains a hi-potion, and on the left is a path to a larger platform that links the sections together.

On the larger platform, a gate to Section G is located. To the right of this gate (southwest on the map) is a passageway leading up to a ladder to the Facility Control Room. Behind it (north on the map), a ladder leads to the No. 1 Lighting Equipment.

Facility Control Room[]

A small, enclosed room with computer terminals, reached through a ladder from the Section F Utility Access at the end of a southwest passageway. Interacting with the terminal proceeds the quest, and allows the No. 1 Lighting Equipment to be disabled, creating a path from the Section F Utility Access to Section G Utility Access.

No. 1 Lighting Equipment[]

Sector 4 Plate sunlights panel from FFVII Remake.png

Located atop a ladder north from the Section F Utility Access gate, the No. 1 Lighting Equipment has a console to proceed with the quest, and a treasure chest containing three potions. The console can only be interacted with after the Facility Control Room has been interacted with first.

Section G[]

Section G.

The second section of the plate, and the main setting of the quest "Head for Section H". The section is home to many grashtrike nests, and its only area is the Section G Utility Access.

Accessed through a gate from the Section F Utility Access, the Section G Utility Access likewise comprises a series of walkways connecting Section G's areas. The utility access spans two levels. Several grashtrikes are fought along the walkways, and though Sentry Rays can be seen, they are initially inactive.

In the northeast end on the Plate Mid-Level, a chest containing hazardous material is located, and a ladder leads down to the Plate Lower Level. Here, an area south of the first connects three paths forward: a passageway that will trigger the discovery quest "Collapsed Passageway", a passageway west leads to an area where grashtrikes can be fought by a remedy chest, and a staircase up to another portion of the utility access in the Plate Upper Level.

Upon reaching the Utility Access in the Plate Upper Level, Tifa will beckon Cloud over to examine the path forward. It comprises a linear path west to the Plate Ventilation Facilities. Along the way, blugu enemies are fought.

Plate Ventilation Facilities[]

Work Platform[]

Traversing the platform.

Reached through the Section G Utility Access in the Plate Upper Level, the Work Platform is a path across a metal pipe, with restricted movement due to the ventilation fans. Keeping the fan towards the right will allow the quest "Inside the Ventilation Fan" to trigger. At the end of the platform, a ladder down to the Section H Utility Access on the Plate Mid-Level is reached.


The Interior is visited for "Inside the Ventilation Fan", and is where the Chocobo & Moogle Materia Chocobo & Moogle Materia is obtained (in Hard, this is replaced with a chest containing Way of the Fist Vol. VI). Reached from the Section H Utility Access in the west end after all three sun lamps have been deactivated, the Interior comprises three rooms: one with a vending machine and bench (the vending machine sells Music discElectric de Chocobo), one in which grashtrikes are fought, and a room inside the ventilation fan where the materia itself is located.

The second room can only be visited after deactivating the fan in the first room, and only during a one minute timer: a console in the room must be interacted with to suspend the timer and grant access to the third room. The room also contains a chest with a hi-potion in its southwest end.

Section H[]

The final section of the plate, and the main setting of "Power for the Platform", in which the objective is to disable all three sun lamps to allow the cargo platform to create a path across.

Utility Access[]

Reached from the Plate Ventilation Facilities platform, the Utility Access comprises two platforms, a north and south segment on either side of the map, separated by a long gap which a cargo platform is used to traverse.

By the cargo platform in the north end, a vending machine and bench are located, a smaller platform to the west leads to the Plate Ventilation Facilities - Interior, and a path east leads to the sun lamps.

The south segment is seen in "To the Cargo Platform" and has two areas, the second of which is defended by several Sentry Gun Prototypes and Sentry Launchers. After they are defeated, a ladder leads to a ventilation shaft into the Plate Partition - Interior.

Another portion of the Utility Access is located on the Plate Lower Level from a ladder down from Sun Lamp 3. This comprises a few platforms on the way to the objective for "Collapsed Passageway". Here, queen grashtrikes are fought, and a catwalk must be realigned to reach the north platform where the objective is seen. Moving the catwalk to the bottom allows an MP Up Materia MP Up Materia to be obtained.

Sun Lamp 1[]

A sun lamp.

Located directly east of Section H Utility Access, a few platforms are located around Sun Lamp 1, each with Sentry Rays and Sentry Gun Prototypes that are inactive until the sun lamp is deactivated.

From the starting point on the Plate Mid-Level, the first platform has a cargo platform to Sun Lamp 3 that is initially active. A catwalk north leads to a platform with a cargo platform east to Sun Lamp 2 and a ladder leading up to an area in the Plate Upper Level, where grashtrikes are fought. From the Plate Upper Level, a catwalk north leads to the sun lamp itself, which has a switch to deactivate the lamp, and a console south allows a catwalk south to be realigned to lead to Sun Lamp 2.

Sun Lamp 2[]

Reached from Sun Lamp 1 either through the cargo platform on the Plate Mid-Level when active, or on the Plate Upper Level after aligning a catwalk correctly. The area comprises a few platforms that are likewise defended by Sentry Rays, with terpsicolts also fought. From its first platform, a path leads east across a few platforms to the sun lamp itself, and a ladder from there leads down to the area on the Plate Mid-Level, where a cargo platform links back to Sun Lamp 1.

Sun Lamp 3[]

Reached through a cargo platform from Sun Lamp 1 which is initially inactive, the area comprises a few platforms leading to the sun lamp itself. The second platform (south from the first) has a chest with a moogle medal, and a ladder down to another portion of the Utility Access (where the "Collapsed Passageway" objective is found), as well as a path east to a passageway.

On this passageway, a platform east contains nothing of note, and a terminal controls a catwalk that must be aligned to position a catwalk to create a path to a platform north. This platform contains a few Sentry Gun Prototypes and terpsicolts along with a ladder up to the sun lamp itself. The lamp contains a terminal to deactivate it, as well as a chest with a mesmeric armlet.

Plate Partition - Interior[]

Plate Partition - Interior, referred to as Interplate Utility Access on-screen, comprises a few linear paths leading north to the end of the quest, with some breakable boxes. A ladder from the first route leads up to a treasure chest with a moogle medal.


The quests primarily consist of exploration through the plate, and "Head for Section H" onwards, combat is fought against a variety of enemies. The "Power for the Platform" quest is the longest questline, in which enemies are fought as well as mechanical turrets. It culminates in a battle against several powerful turrets, though there is no boss fought.

The two discovery sidequests are how the elemental materia and the chocobo & moogle materia are obtained.


Enemy Area
Grashtrike Section G

Plate Ventilation Facilities - Interior
Section H - Sun Lamp 1

Queen Grashtrike Plate Ventilation Facilities - Interior

Section H - Utility Access (Plate Lower Level)

Blugu Section G
Sentry Gun Prototype Section H - Utility Access

Section H - Sun Lamp 1

Sentry Ray Section H - Utility Access

Section H - Sun Lamp 1
Section H - Sun Lamp 2

Sentry Launcher Section H - Utility Access
Terpsicolt Section H - Sun Lamp 2

Section H - Sun Lamp 3

Most of the enemies are either biological enemies (weak to Ice Ice) or mechanical turrets (weak to Lightning Lightning). The turrets are only active once one sun lamp is been deactivated, and before this they are entirely docile. The more powerful queen grasthrikes are only found in the secret areas.


Item Area
Hi-Potion Section F - Utility Access

Plate Ventilation Facilities - Interior

3 Potion Section F - No. 1 Lighting Equipment
Hazardous Material Section G - Utility Access (Plate Mid-Level)
Remedy Section G - Utility Access (Plate Lower Level)
Moogle Medal Section H - Sun Lamp 3

Plate Parition - Interior

Mesmeric Armlet Section H - Sun Lamp 3
Chocobo & Moogle Materia Chocobo & Moogle Materia Plate Ventilation Facilities - Interior
Elemental Materia Elemental Materia Collapsed Passageway
MP Up Materia MP Up Materia Section H - Utility Access (Plate Lower Level)

The Chocobo & Moogle and the elemental materia are obtained during the quests "Inside the Ventilation Fan" and "Collapsed Passageway" only. Once obtained these quests do not trigger again upon returning to the chapter via Chapter Select.

The player can also purchase the HP Up Materia HP Up Materia from the vending machine for 2,000 gil, and the Music discElectric de Chocobo for 50 gil from the vending machine in the ventilation room where the player needs to go to get the summoning materia.