Sector 4 is a location on the Planet in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It is one of the eight sectors in Midgar, and is visited briefly by the party during the events of Final Fantasy VII. The locations visited in Sector 4 are unrevisitable and cannot be re-explored once the story has progressed beyond them.


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Underground Sector 4 (exit room).

After the success of the Sector 1 Reactor bombing mission, AVALANCHE plan another mission on the Sector 5 Reactor. In the early hours of the morning after the first mission, they board a train for the Sector 4 Station. The train uses an ID scan system, making the fake IDs made by Jessie ineffective, and therefore the party plan to jump off the moving train into the train tunnel.

Unauthorized personnel are discovered on board prior to when the check was meant to happen due to modifications to the ID cards made by Jessie, meaning the party has to move down the train to the end cart before the lockdown. While Cloud's party jumps off the train, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie stay on board in disguises.

After moving down the railway, Cloud's party come to Shinra's security sensors and have to look for another way. The party crawl through a duct into the Lower Sector 4 Plate. As Cloud's party move through the plate, they find the rest of AVALANCHE have made it there safely. The others withdraw back to Sector 7 as Cloud and his party enter the Sector 5 Reactor.

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Winding tunnels

The winding tunnels comprise a series of railroad tunnels visited by AVALANCHE after getting off the train to the Sector 5 Reactor. The tunnels comprise multiple dimly-lit identical-looking tunnels (totaling six screens when traversed by the player) with rail tracks either side. The southern-most tunnel (Tunnel 1), leads to the danger area, which is patrolled by Shinra guards, while the northern-most tunnel (Tunnel 6) leads to the security sensors, which are impassable by foot.

At the southern end of the tunnel is the danger area. An open door is located here, guarded by Shinra security guards, alongside the rail tunnel. At the northern end are the security sensors, which block the rail travel forward towards Sector 5. Adjacent to the sensors is the first duct, which leads to the Lower Sector 4 Plate.

Lower Sector 4 Plate

The Lower Sector 4 Plate is a series of winding ducts, ladders, and tiered platforms supported by steel beams, located underneath Midgar's Sector 4 Plate. This area is traversed by AVALANCHE in order to reach the nearby Sector 5 Reactor. The area is dimly lit and made mostly of construction material.

Lower Sector 4 Plate is reached through the first duct, entered through the security sensors in the winding tunnels. This leads to the ladder room, consisting only of a platform to another ladder which itself leads down into the big room of the Lower Sector 4 Plate.

The big room is an expansive room comprising tiered platforms with boxes, and a few ladders to other rooms. It is entered through a ladder on the right. The ladder in the middle of this room leads to the crawl duct, a narrow duct which itself leads to the small room. The ladder on the far left-hand side of the big room leads directly to the small room.

The small room is a narrower, metal room with rusted walls, entered through the crawl duct at the back or through a ladder on the right from the big room. A ladder on the left-hand side of this room leads to the exit.

The exit room is a set of wooden and metal bridges connecting platforms. A duct leads to the Sector 5 Reactor, and a save point is located on the right-hand side.



Battle backgrounds for tunnels (top), Lower Sector 4 Plate ducts (middle), and the Lower Sector 4 Plate rooms (bottom).

Encounters Areas
Winding tunnels
Winding tunnel - Danger area
Lower Sector 4 Plate - First duct and small room
Lower Sector 4 Plate - Ladder, big room, exit

In the winding tunnels, the most commonly fought enemies are Grashtrikes, in groups of three to four. These enemies deal little damage of their own, and can be defeated in one or two hits. They can be fought to obtain Spider Webs, however. Rocket Launchers can also be fought here, and their main attack will do a decent amount of damage to the character with the lowest HP. These enemies attack infrequently, and so they should be focused down to prevent them from firing.

The Special Combatants, fought in the danger area, deal more damage and have higher HP than either Grashtrikes or Rocket Launchers. As they are completely optional to fight, this means these enemies are best off avoided.

In the Lower Sector 4 Plate, the player may also encounter Chuse Tanks and Blugus in addition to Grashtrikes and Rocket Launchers. Chuse Tanks have fairly low HP but can deal considerable damage, meaning they should be focused first as they can normally be defeated in one hit. Blugus have much higher HP, but their damage is minimal. They should be prioritized last, and though weak to Lightning and thus vulnerable to Bolt, it is better to save MP for healing.


Items Areas
Ether Lower Sector 4 Plate - First duct
Potion Lower Sector 4 Plate - Small room
Tent Lower Sector 4 Plate - Exit

An Ether is found on the floor of the first duct. In the small room, a Potion can be obtained, just to the left of Jessie. Finally, a Tent is located in the exit room, adjacent to the save point.


In the big room on the far left-hand side, the player can talk to Wedge, who will tell Cloud that the reactor is found ahead past the ladder he is standing by. In the small room, Jessie apologizes to Cloud, and tells him that the ID scan error was her fault as she adjusting Cloud's ID card. Biggs can be talked to in the exit, and will tell them that he, Wedge, and Jessie will leave and return to the hideout.

Path to Sector 5 Reactor

Sector 4 is visited after getting off the train from Sector 7 to the Sector 5 Reactor, and the player lands in the winding tunnel, which comprises six tunnels. Timing out in Car #1 has the player jump off at Tunnel 2, in Car #2 at Tunnel 3, in Car #3 at Tunnel 4, in Car #4 at Tunnel 5, and making it to the end leaves the player at Tunnel 6, right at the end. Walking back past Tunnel 1 will cause the player to enter the danger area, where Special Combatants are fought endlessly, meaning the player must instead travel forward.

Traveling forward through the tunnels will lead to the security sensors. It is impossible to progress through the tunnel past these, so instead, the player must interact with a duct on the left and select "Go down" to proceed to crawl through the first duct. At the end of the first duct is the ladder room, which leads down into the big room. Both the ladder in the middle or the ladder on the left-hand side will eventually lead to the small room, where the player will find Jessie. A ladder on the left of the small room leads down to the exit.

After reaching the exit, the player can use the save point, before taking the duct into the Sector 5 Reactor.

Behind the scenes

In the PlayStation translation of the game, the lines Jessie says are different from what she says in the PC version.

"The ID scan problem on the train
was all my fault."
"I made your ID card special...
So that's why it happened..."
"I put my heart into making it."
But I failed."
"The ID scan problem on the train
was all my fault."
"I modified your ID card...
And that's what did it..."
"I did my best...
But I failed."
—Jessie in the PlayStation version —Jessie in the PC version

In the scene showing Cloud and Zack right outside Midgar in Final Fantasy VII, the Midgar upper plate for Sector 4 is absent. While Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- states the Sector 4 plate is last on the schedule for completion, Final Fantasy VII shows it fully complete and in place, while Sector 6 is the sole sector still under construction as of the game's opening.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

FFBE Sector 4.png

Sector 4 appeared during the exploration event "Destroy the Reactor". It leads directly to Sector 5 Reactor.

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