Underground Sector 4.

Sector 4 is a location on the Planet in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It is one of the eight sectors in Midgar, and is visited briefly by the party during the events of Final Fantasy VII. The locations visited in Sector 4 are unrevisitable and cannot be re-explored once the story has progressed beyond them.



Underground Sector 4.

After the success of the Sector 1 Reactor bombing mission, AVALANCHE plan another mission on the Sector 5 Reactor. In the early hours of the morning after the first mission, they board a train for the Sector 4 Station. The train uses an ID scan system, making the fake IDs made by Jessie ineffective, and therefore the party plan to jump off the moving train into the train tunnel. Unauthorized personnel are discovered on board prior to when the check was meant to happen due to modifications to the ID cards made by Jessie, meaning the party has to move down the train to the end cart before the lockdown. While Cloud's party jumps off the train, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie stay on board in disguises.

After moving down the railway, Cloud's party come to Shinra's security sensors and have to look for another way. The party crawl through a duct into the Lower Sector 4 Plate. As Cloud's party move through the plate, they find the rest of AVALANCHE have made it there safely. The others withdraw back to Sector 7 as Cloud and his party enter the Sector 5 Reactor.

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Winding Tunnel

Security sensors.


Multiple areas that look the same. Heading down leads to danger area. Heading north leads to the security sensors.

Security sensors

North end of the tunnels, blocked by Shinra's security sensors. Exit through first duct to enter the Lower Sector 4 Plate.

Danger area.

Danger area

South end of the tunnels. Shinra security guards are here. Choosing to stay will lead to an encounter, choosing to leave will move the player onto the next screen. This can be repeated indefinitely.

Lower Sector 4 Plate

First duct

Moving through the duct takes the player to the ladder room. There is an Ether on the floor.



Moving down the ladder takes the player to the big room.

Big room

Originally entered by going down the ladder from the ladder room. Ladder in the middle of the room leads to the crawl duct which leads to small room. Ladder on the right leads to small room also. Wedge is next to the ladder on the right. Wedge tells the player that the reactor is up the ladder he is standing by.

Small room.

Small room

Connected to the big room via a crawl duct at the top of the screen. Also connected to the big room via a ladder in the bottom-right. Also connected to the exit by going down a ladder on the left. A Potion is across from Jessie in the top-right of the screen. Jessie tells the player that the ID scan problem was her fault as she modified Cloud's ID.

Crawl duct

Connects the big room and the small room.


Connected to the small room via a ladder. There is a ladder to climb up through a vent and into the Sector 5 Reactor. Further passed the ladder is a Tent item and a save point. Biggs is by the ladder. Biggs tells the player that him and his party will withdraw to the hideout.

Enemy formations

Battle background.

Sector 4 Train Tunnel

Battle background.

Lower Sector 4 Plate - Corridors

Battle background.

Lower Sector 4 Plate - Lattice Walkways




  • In the PlayStation translation of the game, the lines Jessie says are different from what she says in the PC version.
“The ID scan problem on the train
was all my fault.”
“I made your ID card special……
So that's why it happened…”
“I put my heart into making it.”
But I failed.”
“The ID scan problem on the train
was all my fault.”
“I modified your ID card…
And that's what did it…”
“I did my best…
But I failed.”
—Jessie in the PlayStation version —Jessie in the PC version


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