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The Sector 1 Reactor is one of the eight Mako Reactors built by the Shinra Electric Power Company to power the city of Midgar, appropriately found in Sector 1, in Final Fantasy VII. Its layout is the same as the Sector 5 Reactor. The Sector 1 Reactor is the northernmost reactor in Midgar, and is even referred to as the "Northern Reactor".


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VII Remake Cloud and Barret

Barret and Cloud in the Sector 1 Reactor Core.

The eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE, in an attempt to save the Planet from the corrupting ways of Shinra, attacks the reactor. The effort is led by Barret Wallace who is accompanied by Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and the recently hired mercenary Cloud Strife. The team captures a train and uses it to break into the reactor grounds, which are defended by Shinra guards.

The team fights its way down into the main generator, and prepares to put the charges in. Cloud has a brief flashback to the incident in Nibelheim and suffers a psychic disturbance. Before the charges can be pulled, the robot Guard Scorpion attacks, and is defeated by Cloud and Barret before they and the rest to AVALANCHE make their way back out before the reactor explodes.

Reactor Go BOOM!!!

The destruction of the Sector 1 Reactor.

The explosion causes massive destruction with unknown numbers of civilian casualties. Cloud and AVALANCHE scatter to regroup at the train heading for the Sector 7 slums. The reactor remains closed, and when Shinra places the Sister Ray cannon within Midgar, seven reactors charge up its blast, Sector 1 Reactor still out of commission.

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The Sector 1 Reactor is reached through a walkway connecting Sector 1 and Sector 8. After entering it is a set of rooms filled with machinery leading to an elevator, which travels down to a series of vast rooms and piping. Ladders can be traversed to eventually lead down to the core of the reactor. The interior of the Sector 1 Reactor has a brown-ish tint, in contrast to the Sector 5 Reactor with a similar layout.


The entrance is a metallic, brown-ish area full of large pipes, rusting doors, and machinery. It is a set of joined rooms with terminals, and the doors between the room are locked until their codes are deciphered. At the northeast-most location, an elevator leads down to the lower areas of the reactor.

The entrance contains a treasure chest in its room on the southeast. Beyond this, it has little of interest to the player other than dialog interactions.


The elevator connects the entrance with the main staircase. It is a small, enclosed space with flashing lights, buttons in shape of arrows to operate it, a valve in the back of the room. On the first ascension up using the elevator, dialogue between Barret and Cloud initiates.

Main staircase

The main staircase is a large, expansive room, with a red tint on the stairways, dark brick walls, and metallic pipes, accessed with the elevator. The area opens atop a large structure within the room, with a staircase used to descend this structure to the floor of the room, where a door leads to the upper piping. The structure also contains a small, round tower atop it that can be climbed using ladders, though it contains nothing of interest.

Upper piping

The upper piping is a damaged area full of rusting metallic pipes. It is reached through a door at the bottom of the main staircase room, which opens to a damaged stone wall. At the end of this stone wall, a ladder across a huge pipe leads down to a set of beams suspended above the core's main room. The beams contain a Potion lying on the ground on the end of them, and to the right is a set of steps leading down to a pipe below them. At the end of this pipe is a tall ladder leading down to the lower piping.

Lower piping

The lower piping is a set of large pipes suspended above the walkway leading to the core. They are reached using a ladder down from the upper piping, and themselves lead to another ladder down to the walkway by the core.


The core is where Cloud and Barret fight the Guard Scorpion set the bomb. It is a large expansive area with only a single walkway leading towards it, surrounded by metallic pipes and heavy machinery. The walkway contains a save point, and an inaccessible door. On the end of the walkway is the core itself, which is a large, tubular structure built into a wall, with "1998" written at the top, and a set of pipes leading to a valve at the bottom.


Destroying the Reactor

After infiltrating the Reactor, Cloud and Barret begin at the entrance. Here, the player must interact with Biggs to decipher the code of the first door, and then with Jessie to open the second door and the elevator. After this, the elevator must be activated to the main staircase.

Following this, the player must descend down through the staircase, the piping, and finally reach the core. After reaching the core, Guard Scorpion must be fought. Once defeated, a timer initiates, and the player must run back beating the time. Juessie must be rescued along the way up the pipes, or else they will be unable to escape. After this, the two must finally escape the Reactor before being caught in the explosion.

Musical themes

"Opening ~ Bombing Mission" from Final Fantasy VII
Opening ~ Bombing Mission

On the reactor grounds "Opening - Bombing Mission" (オープニング~爆破ミッション, Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon?) plays. The theme has been remixed several times, and also appears in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

"Mako Reactor" plays inside the reactor itself until the Guard Scorpion battle begins, where the background theme changes back to "Bombing Mission".

Other appearances

Final Fantasy VII demo


Part fighting in the "Aeris" demo.

The Sector 1 Reactor bombing mission is the setting for the two PlayStation demos of Final Fantasy VII. Two versions of the demo exist, often differentiated by the third playable character: Aeris or Tifa. The Aeris demo is of earlier build and still has many changes from the final version. The Tifa demo is closer to the playable segment in the full game. In the final game of course, neither girl is playable, and only Cloud and Barret are in the player's party. Both demos end when AVALANCHE escapes the exploding reactor.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

FFAB Sector 1 Reactor FFVII Special
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper

FFRK Mako Reactor No. 1 FFVII

Painting image.

A former member of SOLDIER has come to destroy one of the Mako Reactors--machines that harness the planet's Lifestream to generate power.


Mako Reactor No. 1 is the first dungeon available whose completion unlocks Mako Reactor No. 5 in the Final Fantasy VII realm.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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Final Fantasy VII Remake


Sector 1 reactor

Cloud's ominous message.

  • During the mission Cloud has a moment where he breaks down and hears a voice that says, "This isn't just a reactor". In a scene that was scrapped from the final version of the game, Cloud would have had a conversation with Sephiroth where the latter would have explained what Mako Reactors really are. The "This isn't just a reactor" memory is a remnant of this deleted scene.
  • The PC port had a bug that occurred intermittently to crash he game at the start of the game as the train pulls into the station and an AVALANCHE member kicks a soldier. QA reported this bug as the port was being finalized, and all the programmers were scrambling to reprogram and debug it.[1]


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