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Sector 1 is the first field map visited in Final Fantasy VII. It is an unrevisitable location that Cloud traverses to reach the No. 1 Reactor while on the bombing mission with AVALANCHE in the first chapter, "No. 1 Reactor Bombing".



Sector 1.

Sector 1 is an unrevisitable location visited at the start of Final Fantasy VII when destroying the Sector 1 Reactor. A small area of Sector 1 is visited, which is located on the edge of the sector close to the Sector 1 Reactor and the adjacent Sector 8. This area is accessed by train, though the main area is elevated above the train platform.

The areas of Sector 1 that are visited include the platform, a train station reached by a set of stairs, a walled-off area just north of the station, and a walkway connecting Sector 1 and Sector 8 entered in the walled-off area.


Train station.png

The Platform is the first area in the game and visited as soon as the opening movie finishes. The area comprises a stone platform alongside the railway track, with metal gates on the lefthand side, and the sign "1-0b" painted on the wall. At the fair end of the platform on the left is the exit onto the Sector 1 Station.

Sector 1 Station[]

Sector 1 Reactor.jpg

The Sector 1 Station area is entered from the Platform through a staircase beneath it. Here, the player exits a door and heads north to join with the members of AVALANCHE. The station is a wide, stone building with a gale roof and four turbines on each corner. It is situated atop a stone wall overlooking the railway, and adjacent to the wall surrounding the Sector 1 plate. In the surrounding area is a path north towards a stone wall in front of the Sector 1 area, where the mission continues.

Sector 1[]

Sector 1 Reactor2.jpg

The Sector 1 area is walled-off area reached from the Sector 1 Station. It comprises a few small metal buildings across a stone floor alongside the wall surrounding Sector 1. Within the area are metal pipes, metal framing around the buildings, and dim street lamps. Above some metal framing is a screen, showing the words "INTRUDER", "WARNING", and four Kanji characters. In the center of the area is a narrow building resembling a bunker at its front with a large clock tower at its top.

The Sector 1 area leads to the walkway outside the Sector 1 Reactor, with a walled-off door to the walkway at the very back of the area. The path to this door is found to the right of the central building, after passing it is a path left straight to the door.

Outside Reactor[]


The walkway outside the No. 1 Reactor is used to access the Sector 1 Reactor, and to escape. It comprises a metal walkway connecting Sector 1 and Sector 8, and a path in the middle leading directly to the Sector 1 Reactor. The walkway is suspended above a vast abyss over the lower area of the city.

No. 1 Reactor[]

The Sector 1 Reactor is only visited once at the start of the game, but is destroyed, and cannot be visited again.


The area is only visited in the first quest, "No. 1 Reactor Bombing".


Battle backgrounds for all areas (top) and for the walkway outside the Reactor (bottom).

Encounters Areas
  • [scripted] MP x2
Platform, Sector 1 Station, Sector 1
Outside Reactor

Random encounters at the platform are available until the player leaves the screen and returns, in the player's first visit.


Items Areas
  • Potion x2
Platform (from either guard, or two from one of the guards)

At the platform, the guards are left behind unconscious after being knocked out by AVALANCHE. Two Potion items can be picked up from them. Though both guards can have the items, their items are shared meaning the player can pick up both Potion items from one guard. This is known as the Quantum Potion bug.

Musical themes[]

"Opening ~ Bombing Mission" from Final Fantasy VII

In Sector 1 on the reactor grounds, "Opening - Bombing Mission" (オープニング~爆破ミッション, Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon?) plays.