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Sector 1 is one of the eight Sectors that divides the metropolis of Midgar in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The sector is the first location visited in Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and AVALANCHE enter Sector 1 on the train before entering the Sector 1 Reactor. The station is called North Edge Station.

The station of Sector 1 can be visited by Zack in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. The station serves as the link zone between Sector 5 and Sector 8 in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit


Sector 1 Station in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

The Sector 1 station provided appears on the edge of Sector 8 and Sector 1. Zack Fair frequently used the station to travel by train between Sector 8 and Sector 5.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

AVALANCHE, a terrorist group based in Sector 7 rebelling against the Shinra Electric Power Company, plan a bombing mission in the Sector 1 Reactor. They board the train to Sector 1. From here the small collective make their way into the Sector 1 Reactor.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit



Train station


The Platform is the first area in the game and visited as soon as the opening movie finishes. The cast exit off the train and knock down two troops. Two Potion items can be picked up here from the guards. Though both guards can have the items, their items are shared meaning the player can pick up both Potion items from one guard. This is known as the Quantum Potion bug.

Heading north in this scene ensues the first battle of the game as two soldiers run towards the player. After this battle the player can take an exit on the left to enter the Sector 1 Station area.

Sector 1 StationEdit

Sector 1 Reactor

Sector 1 Station.

The Sector 1 Station area is entered from the Platform. The door can exit the door and head north to join with the members of AVALANCHE. After a conversation the player gets to name the Ex-SOLDIER, default "Cloud". Another member of AVALANCHE will then run on screen, the second playable character who can then be named, default "Barret". After the North Gate is open a small scene occurs and the character automatically runs into the Sector 1 area.

Sector 1Edit

The player enters from the Sector 1 Station from the bottom-left of the screen. Other members of AVALANCHE will be standing around before running towards the exit. The player must run right, up, and then to the left of the screen where they will find the exit to a walkway outside the No. 1 Reactor.

A screen found here shows the words "INTRUDER", "WARNING", and four Kanji characters.

Outside ReactorEdit


Outside Reactor.

Known as "No.1 Reactor" in the menu. The player enters from the main Sector 1 area. The door on the far left exits out into Sector 8, and the door at the top of the screen leads into the No. 1 Reactor. The area is two straight pathways in a T-formation. Next to the door to Sector 8 is "N-8th" is written on the wall next to this door.

When the player first enters, Wedge waits at the door to Sector 8 to secure the escape passage. The player returns here after planting the bomb in the reactor, where a cutscene plays. The characters run from the reactor out to Sector 8.

No. 1 ReactorEdit

The Sector 1 Reactor is only visited once at the start of the game, but is destroyed, and cannot be visited again.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit



The station is a small area that comprises mainly of a straight forward run. On the far south of the area, a door to the east can take the player to the Sector 8 - Fountain area. At the north the player can board the train and it will take the player to the Sector 5 Slums - Market area.

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  • Potion x2 (from either guard, or two from one of the guards)


Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Battle background.

Platform (50%)

The random encounters are available until the player leaves the screen and returns, in the player's first visit.

[24/64]MP x2
[22/64]Guard Hound
[18/64]MP, Guard Hound

[8/64]Guard Hound (Back attack)

[Boss]MP x2
Sector 1 Station (50%)
[24/64]MP x2
[22/64]Guard Hound
[18/64]MP, Guard Hound

[8/64]Guard Hound (Back attack)
Sector 1 (50%)
[24/64]MP x2
[22/64]Guard Hound
[18/64]MP, Guard Hound

[8/64]Guard Hound (Back attack)
Outside Reactor (82%)
[18/64]Mono Drive x2
[17/64]MP x2, Mono Drive
[29/64]MP x2


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