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Sector 0 is a location in Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. Above ground, it is the space on which Shinra Headquarters stands. Below, it is the main base for Deepground in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. The area seems to be a war-torn city with burned ruins of buildings. Though it is entirely underground, there is enough space above for helicopters to fly. Above, there is no sky, only an empty blackness that looks similar to night. The Sector 0 Reactor is located here.

Story Edit

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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

During Genesis Rhapsodos assault on Midgar, Zack Fair travels via the highways of Sector 0 to reach and defend the Shinra Headquarters.

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Sector 0 is visited early on by Cloud, Barret, and Tifa in order to gain access to the Shinra Headquarters to rescue Aeris. Later on, it is visited again in order to prevent the firing of the Sister Ray.

This time it is possible to backtrack and reenter Shinra Headquarters in order to get items that could not be obtained on the first visit, such as Cait Sith's final weapon HP Shout.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

Vincent Valentine enters Sector 0 to defeat the Tsviets and stop the coming of the Omega Weapon during the Battle of Midgar.

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Geography Edit

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Path to Shinra Bldg. Edit

This area is referred to as "sector 0" in the menu, the only time in the game the term is used. From Sector 6 - Plate Upper. From Sector 8 - Tunnels.

Shinra Bldg. Entrance Edit

Shinra Bldg. Edit

Midgar Highway Edit

Gameplay Edit

Encounters Edit

The enemy encounters are identical across all tunnel segments and junctions. In the initial train segment, Turks:Reno, Turks:Rude, and Turks:Elena are fought together as a single boss.

Gallery Edit

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