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A Cerberus in the Secret Scars, a secret area in The Dragon Scars.

A secret area is an optional location within some dungeons of World of Final Fantasy. These areas often contain exclusive Mirages or treasure, and are either off the main path or require some prerequisite to access them. The names of these areas often have "Secret" followed by the name of the areas in the dungeon (as shown when pulling up the map screen).

Most Mirages found in the secret areas are encountered on the field or inside Murkrifts, but for some, walking to otherwise empty spots triggers a cutscene and a battle is then initiated with them. Defeating the Mirage(s) often unlocks a memento that allows the player access to its transfiguration. Non-Murkrift enemies respawn when the player travels back to Nine Wood Hills and returns to Grymoire.

List of secret areas[]

Secret Area Location Special Mirage(s) How to access Notes
Secret Cavern The Nether Nebula None On the eastern fork of Cavern 4, past the boulder with a Smash symbol Smash symbol, and over a gap with pair of Flutter symbol Flutter symbols. Notable for being the location of Fritts, Bablizzes, and Zapts.
Secret Backroad The Watchplains Black Chocochick All the way to the end of Backroad 3, down the stairway to the left of the Exit Gate.
Secret Branch Pyreglow Forest Magic Jar From Branch 4, following the path of pyres through Branches 5-8.
Secret Slip Icicle Ridge Holy Dragon x2 Requires activating a Puzzle Switch at Slip 3, then going northwest.
Ghost Ship Saronia Docks Kupicaroon x6 Requires examining the dock bells in Station 2 in the exact order—Seaweed, Clam, Fish—and clearing the Murkrift blocking the way.
Secret Scar The Dragon Scars Cerberus From Scar 3, going all the way down the main path, and past the Red Dragon blocking the way. The only required secret area in the game.
Secret Cauldron Valley Seven Phoenix In Cauldron 3, requires activating the Puzzle Switch in the northwest, then clearing the Murkrift blocking the way.
Secret Fen The Windswept Mire Flan Princess, Malboro Menace In Fen 2, requires activating the Puzzle Switch in the northwest.
Secret Toil The Phantom Sands Sphinx In Toil 3, entering the pit from the north.
Secret Toil The Phantom Sands Moomba x3 *(Murkrift enemies) In Toil 4, entering the pit from the south. Available only in the Maxima version.
Secret Ophion Underground Prison Mist Dragon x2 At the bottom of Ophion 4, past the gap with the pair of Flutter symbol Flutter symbols. Available upon regaining access to Mirages after Chapter 14.
Sector 6 Mako Reactor 0 Gigantuar, Gigantrot In Sector 4, at the elevator in the northeast. Requires first activating a switch near a Save Crystal that lowers a door blocking access to it.
Secret Segment Big Bridge Iron Giant Requires defeating the lone Mythril Giant in Segment 4 to cause a nearby floating platform to drop down that the player can access.
Secret Necropolis The Train Graveyard Nightmare *(Murkrift enemy) In Necropolis 5; requires activating a Puzzle Switch at the end of the area.
Secret Quacheon Sunken Temple None At the end of Quacheon 7. Accessible after clearing Intervention Quest, "The Sunken Temple's Secret".
Secret Respite The Crystal Tower Titan At the bottom of the spiral stairway in the First Floor and examining the amber Warp Crystal. Requires vanquishing the four Gimme Golems.
Secret Ascent The Chainroad Paleberry King From Ascent 5, going south from the Teleport Device to another one at the southern end.
Secret Ordeal Castle Exnine Elasmos In Ordeal 11, going all the way to the end and examining the purple Warp Crystal. Accessible after clearing the Postscript.

Musical theme[]

"Prismelody: Festival of the Hunt", an original arrangement of "Festival of the Hunt" plays during battles with most Mirages in the secret areas.