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Secret Date is the twenty-second chapter of Final Fantasy VII, and the thirteenth chapter of the Second Act, "Pursuit". While searching for the Keystone to the Temple of the Ancients, Cloud Strife and his companions end up spending the night at the Gold Saucer, where he will end up going on a date with either Aerith Gainsborough, Tifa Lockhart, Yuffie Kisaragi, or Barret Wallace. Little do they realize that this will allow one of their companions the opportunity to reveal his true motivations...

Though listed as the thirteenth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega, the Chapter "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter" that precedes it is optional, meaning that "Secret Date" is the next mandatory part of the story after "A Sleeping Village Dreaming of Outer Space".


Return to the Gold Saucer[]

The Keystone is in Dio's museum in the Battle Square.

Remembering that Rufus Shinra wanted to head east in their pursuit of Sephiroth since they had traveled too far west, head east with the Tiny Bronco. If you wish, you can return to Fort Condor and take part in Battle 8 of the Condor War. East of Gongaga, is a small house on the world map. Enter it to talk to the Weapon Seller. He will tell about a Keystone he used to have before he sold it to a man named Dio, the owner of the Gold Saucer. Head back to North Corel and get on the ropeway to the amusement park.

The Keystone is on display in Dio's Museum in the Battle Square. Dio refuses to part with it unless given a show. Regardless of Cloud's performance in the Battle Square, Dio will relinquish the Keystone. As rotten luck would have it, the ropeway out of Gold Saucer is broken, leaving the party to stay overnight in the Ghost Square hotel.


Date with Tifa
Date with Yuffie
Date with Barret

Cloud with various date options.

After taking the opportunity to catch the newer members of the party up on the events that led to the pursuit of Sephiroth, Cloud is in his room, lost in thought. Depending on the date mechanics results, Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, or Barret will knock on his door and offer to go out. The date coincides with a special event the Gold Saucer is holding where all the attractions are free.

The first stop is Event Square, where, if Aeris, Tifa, or Yuffie is the date, Cloud and his date will be invited to participate in a play. The other actors play along with whatever direction Cloud takes the performance. If Barret is the date, this event is skipped. After the Event Square event, the next stop is Round Square, where Cloud and his date ride the gondola, leading to a conversation whose contents vary depending on who the date is.

After the gondola ride, Cloud and his date will find Cait Sith acting suspiciously. He swiped the Keystone and makes a break for it. Chase him through the Gold Saucer to the Chocobo Square, where Cait Sith will throw the Keystone to the waiting Tseng who departs on a helicopter. Cait Sith will reveal his true identify as a Shinra spy. Cloud is furious but Cait Sith is holding Barret's daughter, Marlene, as a hostage. Cloud and co. have no choice but to let Cait Sith stay with them.

The next day, the ropeway is repaired, but Shinra has a head start. Get back to the Tiny Bronco and head to the southeastern islands for the Temple of the Ancients for the next chapter, "Within the Temple of the Ancients".