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The Second Battle of Fabul is a military engagement in which Baron's Red Wings, manipulated by Maenads through controlling King Cecil Harvey, attack the Kingdom of Fabul to claim the Wind Crystal. The battle is essentially a repetition of the First Battle of Fabul seventeen years prior.


Witnessing the Red Wings approaching Fabul from Mt. Hobs, Yang Fang Leiden and his daughter Ursula rush to the castle to prepare for the potential battle. They conclude the Red Wings are after the Wind Crystal, but disagree on how to deal with the threat; while Yang is aware an engagement with the Red Wings would be an unwinnable battle, Ursula believes surrendering the Crystal equals surrendering the very symbol of Fabul.

As they are still uncertain as to the Red Wings' intentions, Yang decides to greet them peacefully. He and his troops come under attack and are forced to retreat as the Red Wings start bombing the castle. The monks are gradually pushed back to the crystal room, suffering heavy casualties. Having reluctantly evacuated to the crystal room, Ursula and Sheila are surprised to spot Kain Highwind (who is really Dark Kain). Kain battles the two and although Yang rushes to the rescue, Kain slips past them and steals the Crystal.


Yang and Ursula are determined to keep fighting and start planning an expedition to Baron to reclaim the stolen Crystal.