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The Second Battle of Eblan is the attack on and burning of Castle Eblan by Ifrit and other monsters in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. King Edge Geraldine, who arrives when the castle is already ablaze, challenges Ifrit, but is defeated. It takes the advice of Rubicante, who ironically led the First Battle of Eblan, to defeat Ifrit and save Eblan from its second destruction in 17 years.


Originally summoned by a Maenad, Ifrit and a horde of fire monsters attack and burn Castle Eblan while King Edge is away. Eblan's ninja army is powerless against Ifrit, and focus their effort on evacuating civilians from the castle. When Edge's party arrives they fight their way from the gate to the throne room, killing several monsters and encountering Ifrit numerous times in the process. Once in the throne room Edge learns from Seneschal that the army has evacuated all women and children. He also tells the king that the castle can't hold on for much longer.

Realizing his options are limited, Edge orders everyone to flee the castle and goes to face Ifrit alone. He is defeated, but his defeat prompts the intervention of Rubicante, his arch enemy. Rubicante teaches Edge to use Inferno, which is what Edge needs to defeat Ifrit; afterwards Edge reluctantly admits Rubicante saved his life. The fire extinguishes, and the inhabitants return to their homes.


Having stood against Ifrit, Eblan is the only nation to withstand a destruction attempt (albeit indirect) by the Maenads; hence Eblan is the only nation where history does not repeat itself from 17 years ago. Edge later gets the option of dueling Rubicante and it is implied the two made peace following Edge's victory.


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