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The Second Battle of Damcyan is a short engagement between Baron and the Kingdom of Damcyan in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Though not expecting any major resistance, Dark Kain of Baron's Red Wings is surprised by King Edward Chris von Muir's stubborness. He refuses to cooperate, but is ultimately defeated after a brief battle, and Kain claims the Fire Crystal.

Background Edit

Following a meteor strike between Damcyan and Fabul, a Baronian emissary arrives to inform King Edward that King Cecil Harvey requests that the meteor crater is left for Baron alone to investigate. Edward becomes suspicious, as Cecil would normally have delivered such a request personally, and decides to travel to Baron to meet his old friend. King Cecil is under control by the Maenads, but is polite with Edward. As they exchange gifts Edward realizes Cecil is not himself, as when he hands him a whisperweed he fails to recognize it from their previous adventures. Cecil's gift is indeed a trap; a Carnelian Signet in a box, an incendiary bomb which will explode when opened. With this knowledge, Edward returns to Damcyan to prepare for the inevitable encounter with Baron's superior military.


Although arriving with an expeditionary force, Dark Kain (who is identical to and mistaken for being Kain Highwind) meets King Edward alone. He demands Edward hand over the Fire Crystal, but Edward refuses. Kain is about to attack when Rosa Joanna Farrell intervenes, only to learn Kain also intends to kidnap her. Baronian soldiers arrive to intimidate Edward who responds by repeating his refusal before opening the box he got from Cecil, unleashing the Carnelian Signet. The explosion presumably kills the eleven Baronian soldiers in the room, but Kain just laughs before attacking Edward and Rosa. Although having held his own so far, Edward is a non-fighter and bound to lose; afterwards Kain departs with Rosa and the Crystal, leaving a wounded Edward in the throne room.


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