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The Seat of Sacrifice is a trial in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, released in patch 5.3, "Reflections in Crystal".



"If you would usher in the end, then with my all shall I oppose you"─so spoke Elidibus as he took unto himself the power of champions from beyond the rift to arise as the self-proclaimed Warrior of Light incarnate. Yet as resolutely as your foe believes in his cause, so too do you believe in yours, and thus Light and Darkness must collide. Invoking the ancient magick imbued with the memories of Azem, the forgotten final member of the Convocation of Fourteen, you summon the stars to your side and prepare to face your foe in a battle to steer the very course of the world.

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Though history will paint them as villains, the Ascians were driven by a deep and abiding desire to which all men may relate, and the minstreling wanderer cannot help but spare a thought for Elidibus, whose demise spelled the end of his people's hopes and dreams. Likening your struggle to that of love, the man weaves a bittersweet tale of passion undying─a tale witnessed by the shimmering spires of the Crystal Tower, to be reflected and retold for generations to come.

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The fight can be split into 2 distinct phases, with a special intermission phase separating them. The Warrior of Light begins by using Terror Unleashed which reduces all party members HP to 1 and inflicts the debuff True Walking Dead. If players are not healed to full HP before the debuff expires they will be KO'd. At this point, the edges of the arena will be covered in a persistent bleed field and thus should not be stood in. The boss will then cast Solemn Confiteor which will place AoEs under players. Coruscant Saber will either hit the area immediately around the boss or everywhere except right under the boss. Absolute Fire III will mark all players with a red 'pause' symbol with a countdown: when the countdown hits zero, players will be hit with the Pyretic debuff, that will deal damage if the player moves over its duration. As such, players should cease movement, including auto-attacks, just before the countdown hits zero and resume once the debuff is removed. Absolute Blizzard III will mark all players with a blue 'play' symbol with a countdown: if players are stationary when the countdown hits zero, they will be frozen in place and take damage over time, as such players should be doing some sort of movement before hand. From this point onward the boss will use Imbued Fire/Blizzard which will make his next his Coruscant Saber be accompanied by the effects of either Fire III or Blizzard III.

Sword of Light spawns a sword add on the north side of the arena. This sword will then trace out a triangle AoE on the floor that players should get out of. At the same time the boss will also cast Summon Wyrm which will spawn a dragon add that will attack one half of the arena. Dodge the Sword of Light AoE to the side away from the dragon. The Bitter End is a heavy hitting attack on the boss's current target. Elddragon Dive will deal high raid-wide damage. The boss will repeat these mechanics until he reaches 50% health, after which he will cast Ascendance to enter the intermission phase, binding the party members in place. Any currently KO'd party members will be revived for this next phase.

In the intermission the boss will cast Absolute Teleport, and the party will be prompted with an Active Time Maneuver. Players will need to press buttons to keep the bar from hitting zero before time runs out. If any player lets their bar empty, the Maneuver fails and the party is forced to restart the encounter. Once this mechanic is completed, the boss will begin casting Ultimate Crossover. In order to survive, one of the tanks will need to use Limit Break 3 alongside any other shielding abilities shared in the party. If the tank does not successfully execute LB, the party will wipe and be forced to restart the encounter. Once the intermission is successfully passed, the battle is checkpointed.

In the second phase, the boss will be restored to full health. He will keep using mechanics from the first phase except for Terror Unleashed, and also utilize new mechanics from Specters of Light. Twincast will cause meteors to spawn that must be soaked by at least 2 players at a time. Brimstone Earth will spawn two growing AoE puddles that will inflict bleed on players caught in them. Absolute Holy will target a player with a shared damage marker. Deluge of Death will mark a player with a proximity AoE marker. To the Limit will charge the Boss's Limit Gauge. Utilizing the DPS LB while the boss is idle will cause him to respond with Perfect Hallowed Ground rendering him invincible for 10 seconds. The boss will use Radiant Braver, marking 3 players with target markers before unleashing a 60 degree conal attack towards them. Marked players should spread apart to minimize the damage the rest of the party receives. After recharging the gauge the boss will use Radiant Desperado, marking the 2 healers with line stack AoEs that leave a magic resistance debuff on players. The party should split into groups of 4 to avoid clipping both AoEs. After recharging the gauge a final time the boss will use Radiant Meteor, marking 4 players with giant targeted AoEs. These AoE markers should be taken to the 4 corners of the arena to leave a safe spot in the middle. In this phase 'Sword of Light' will have 2 triangle AoEs spawn, limiting safe spots. Suiton: San will spawn a water spout on either the left or right side of the arena that will push the party towards the opposite end. Summon Wyrm, when used by the Spectral Summoner, will cause four dragon adds to spawn and tether to 4 players. After time has passed, the adds will shoot a large conal AoE in the direction of their targeted players. Players should direct these towards the outside. Perfect Decimate is an alternating AoE. These mechanics will be combined in various ways until the boss is downed.


The extreme version uses modified versions of the mechanics from the normal encounter alongside new ones:

  • Terror Unleashed: Brings the party's HP to 1, while inflicting the True Walking Dead debuff. This debuff will kill players unless it is removed by healing them to full health.
  • Solemn Confiteor: Places AoEs under all party members. Afflicts Vulnerability if hit.
  • Absolute Stone III: Marks all players with conal AoEs.
  • Imbue Saber: Imbues sword with one of four elements; Stone, Fire, Blizzard or Holy, which will have their effects cast upon the next Coruscant Saber. The Fire, Blizzard and Holy effects are the same as the normal version.
  • Coruscant Saber/Imbued Coruscance: A point-blank or donut AoE centered on the boss. The animation surrounding the boss's sword determines which version will be used. Afflicts Vulnerablity if it hit by sword.
  • To the Limit: Charges the boss's Limit gauge to 1, 2 or 3 bars, changing the effect of Limit Break when it is cast.
  • Limit Break:
    • 1 bar - Radiant Braver; targets a tank, healer and DPS with 90 degree conal AoEs.
    • 2 bars - Radiant Desperado; targets the 2 healers with line stack AoEs that afflict physical resistance down. Must be shared in groups of 4.
    • 3 bars - Radiant Meteor; randomly targets either all DPS or the tanks and healers with large AoEs that leave a fire resistance debuff.
  • If DPS LB is used when the boss is idle, he will retaliate with True Hallowed Ground and be rendered invincible for 10 seconds.
  • Sword of Light: Summons 3 swords that will trace out triangular AoEs on the ground. Afflicts Vulnerablity if hit.
  • Absolute Holy: Shared damage targeting a player.
  • Absolute Flash: Marks a player with a glare marker. If anyone is facing the marked player when the cast finishes they will be afflicted with a stacking damage down debuff.
  • The Bitter End: High damage attack on primary target that leaves a physical resistance down debuff.
  • Elddragon Dive: High raid-wide damage
  • Summon Wyrm (Warrior of Light): Summons dragon add to bomb one half of the arena. Afflicts Vulnerability if hit.
  • Specter of Light (First cast): Summons Spectral Warrior and Dark Knight mobs and begins add phase:
    • DPS will be marked with proximity AoEs.
    • Healers will be marked with stack AoEs.
    • Warrior and Dark Knight will use tankbusters on primary targets. They will also cast damage up buffs on themselves that can be interrupted.
    • 2 meteors will spawn requiring 2 players each to soak them to prevent excess damage and debuffs. Afflicts fire resistance down.
    • 4 Dragon adds will spawn and tether to 4 players before firing conal AoEs in their directions that leave fire resistance down on those hit. The tethers can be passed to others players.
    • Ultimate Crossover: Ultimate attack. Requires Tank LB3 and other shields to survive.
  • Quintuplecast: Casts Absolute Stone III, Fire III, Blizzard III, Holy and Flash randomly in succession. The order of the attacks is displayed during the cast.
  • Specter of Light: Summons combinations of Specters that unleash their own mechanics:
    • Spectral Ninja: Casts Suiton: San that summons a water spout on either the left or right side of the arena that will push the party to the opposite end. Also casts Katon: San which marks the 4 dps with stack AoEs that leave a fire resistance down.
    • Spectral Black and White Mages: Cast Twincast, summoning 8 meteors in succession that require two people each to soak the damage. The meteors leave a fire resistance down on those that soak them. If not enough people soak the damage, the party receives a stacking damage down.
    • Spectral Dark Knight and Bard: Dark Knight targets DPS with Brimstone Earth puddles that grow and need to be spread apart. Bard casts Deluge of Death targeting a tank, healer and DPS with proximity AoEs.
    • Spectral Summoner and Warrior: Summoner will use Summon Wyrm (Summoner) to call 4 dragon adds that tether to players before firing conal AoEs in their directions that leave fire resistance down on those hit. Warrior will target 4 players with Perfect Decimate. Each of these techniques will hit twice.
  • Enrage: Hard cast Ultimate Crossover

Musical themes[]

"To the Edge"

To the Edge plays during the full fight, a rock theme that incorporates Shadowbringers and "Full Fathom Five" (and by extension "Neath Dark Waters") providing vocals for the latter.

Behind the scenes[]

The arena is the same one in which Xande was fought in the Syrcus Tower raid.

The spectral warriors summoned by the boss represent characters from Final Fantasy IV: Dark Knight (Cecil), Warrior (Cid due to his ability to wield axes), Ninja (Edge), Summoner (Rydia), Bard (Rosa, due to her ability to wield bows. In the fight, the bard's appearance is accompanied by the Holy spell to emphasize the connection), Black Mage and White Mage (Palom and Porom due to the use of twincast).

The wyrm summoned by the boss shares the same model as Bahamut, but colored in red. This alludes to both the original Bahamut and the dragon who appears at the opening cutscene of the original game.