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Using the Search Sphere.

Search Sphere is an item from Final Fantasy X-2. It is used in finding numbered spheres scattered through Besaid. These are required to be input in the Besaid Cave to be able to receive the Raging Giant Garment Grid.


The Besaid Key is needed in order to open a chest containing the Search Sphere. The Besaid Key can be obtained in two different ways:

  • Buying it in the shop at Besaid Village for 900,000 gil in Chapters One and Two.
  • Rescuing its owner in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in Chapter Three.

After obtaining the Besaid Key, head to Besaid Temple to the chamber with the locked chest. Using the key will open the chest and the Search Sphere will be received.


In the lower right of the screen is a gauge, hold circle to open the gauge and the closer the player gets to a sphere the higher the gauge goes, scan the area for a green orb with a number in it.

  • The first sphere is in the broken house behind the shop and the orb is on the temple.
  • The second sphere is in the area where the Aurochs are training and the orb is on top of the cliff.
  • The third sphere is at the start of the screen with the waterfalls and the orb is beside the last waterfall on the edge of a cliff.
  • The forth sphere is in the area east of the cave entrance and the orb is on top of a tree in the background.

These four numbers are the code to get to the second area of Besaid Cave.