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Book describing how to locate the four tablets that destroy the seals on the legendary weapons.


The Sealed Tome, also known as The Book of Sealings or Sealed Book, is an ancient book in Final Fantasy V. The book reveals the secret to breaking the seals on the twelve Sealed Weapons. For the thousand years that the two worlds were separated to contain the Void, the Sealed Tome was separated as well. The two halves rejoined when Exdeath realized his plot to unleash the Void by returning the two worlds to their former state as a singular entity. It is required to enter the places where each of the four tomes lie.


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When Nothing's power again does peak,
To Light Warriors this book shall speak.

After Enuo's defeat, the weapons of legend were sealed within the Sealed Castle. To break the seals, the four tablets must be assembled. One rests alongside spirits of the past, blessed by the soil... One rests within an island shrine, kissed by wind... One rests beneath the ocean's floor, engulfed by flames... One rests beyond the river's torrents, protected by water... Along with the keys to open the seals—the four tablets—are sealed our servants. If the tablets are moved, our servants will awaken. The ultimate spells of white and black. The magic of time and space, Meteor. The sea king, Leviathan, and the dragon king, Bahamut. Present this book unto the gate and the way to the seals will be opened.


When the power of Nothing again shall peak,
To the warriors of light, this book will speak.

We sealed the weapons we fought Enuo with in Kuza Castle. The key to the seals... are four hidden lithographs. With the spirit of the past, one is protected by the earth. In an island temple, one is protected by the wind. In a place deeper than the ocean floor, one is protected by flame. Behind the place where the water falls, one is protected by water. We have also sealed up our servants. Once the lithographs are moved, our servants will revive... Black and White... powerful magic... Time Magic, Meteo, Leviathan, and the Bahamut... Throw this book into the gate, and the way to the seal will be shown to you...

Musical themes[]

The Sealed Tome's theme is called "Sealed Tome". It is played in each of the rooms in the Shrines where the player finds a lithograph, and also in the Sealed Room where the legendary weapons are stored. Additionally, the tune is played when the party reaches the summit of North Mountain and Bahamut appears before them.