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The Sealed Temple is a location in Final Fantasy V Advance and the defunct 2013 mobile/Steam release of the game. Located underwater, south of Phantom Village, it is a transportation device structure constructed by the Ancients to seal away evil beings, and is where Enuo arrived. The temple is also home to four crystal shards, and as such is where some new jobs are learned.

In versions where the Sealed Temple is available, it can first be entered after obtaining all tablets and the twelve legendary weapons to acquire three of the four new jobs (Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle). After defeating the final boss and beating the main game, the switch at the first chamber can be triggered, and the entire bonus dungeon can be explored. The strongest enemies and bosses are fought here, including Omega Mk.II and Neo Shinryu. The temple also connects to the Cloister of the Dead, a place where the player can undertake a boss rush gauntlet.


The room used to enter the Sealed Temple was constructed by the Ancients as a transportation device between dimensions.[1][note 1] When Enuo, a warlock who had harnessed the power of the Void, was defeated one thousand years prior to Final Fantasy V[3] and enguled by the Void he had once wielded,[2] he arrived in the Lethe Court of the Sealed Temple, which he declared his demesne.[1]

Earthquakes on the sea floor made the device to travel to the Sealed Temple accessible. At first, a traveling merchant, whose ship was caught in a big storm, arrived in the cavern that granted access to the device. The Light Warriors themselves found the merchant after arriving in the cavern too, and the merchant explained how the crystal shards worked before promising to sell ammo for the Cannoneer. Later, after the Light Warriors defeated Exdeath in the Interdimensional Rift, they used the device in the cavern to travel to the Sealed Temple, where they fought and defeated Enuo.[1]


The device used to access the Sealed Temple appears as an old Moai Statue head on the ocean floor. Inside, the entrance resembles a cavern, with a single switch in the center used to activate the device and traverse to the dimension of the Sealed Temple.[1]

The Sealed Temple, and its ten areas, resembles the Interdimensional Rift: its areas similarly seem to ignore the laws of time and space, and are a bizarre mishmash of places found within the rest of the world. The first of these areas, simply named the Sealed Temple, somewhat resembles the castle of the Interdimensional Rift in being a floating medieval structure, but has much more green space. The second is the River of Souls, resembling the Underground Waterway. The third is the Ruined Shrine, strongly resembling the Barrier Tower architecturally. Titan's Grotto and Abyssal Falls resemble Istory Falls, while the Heart of Ronka follows the architectural patterns seen in the Ronka Ruins, Catapult, and the area in the Interdimensional Rift that also follows Ronkan architecture.

Deeper in the Sealed Temple is the Hall of Tranquility, a circular area without roaming monsters, which grants access to both the Tomb of Memory and Shinryu's Lair. The Tomb of Memory resembles the Pyramid of Moore, and is similarly patrolled by robots, though each robot is instead an Omega; at the center of the tomb is the superboss Omega Mk.II. Shinryu's Lair resembles the Great Sea Trench and has lava floors throughout, with Neo Shinryu found in the cave hiding in a treasure chest. Lastly, the Lethe Court, Enuo's domain, strongly resembles the Interdimensional Rift's final floor.

Adjacent to the Sealed Temple is the Cloister of the Dead, reached by using the device to transport to the Sealed Temple's dimension and taking the door to the right of that which enters the Sealed Temple. This is a place resembling the Rift's final floor and the Lethe Court.


Exploring Shinryu's Lair (top) and battling Omega Mk.II (bottom).

The Sealed Temple can be visited with the submarine after obtaining all twelve legendary weapons. Upon entering the first chamber, a non-player character will arrive to tell the party about the first three optional jobs: Cannoneer, Gladiator, and Oracle. The switch cannot be used at this time to take the player further into the dungeon.

After beating the main game, the switch can be used to explore the dungeon. The bonus dungeon has ten areas: the area simply known as "Sealed Temple", the River of Souls, the Ruined Shrine, Titan's Grotto, the Heart of Ronka, Abyssal Falls, the Hall of Tranquility, the Tomb of Memory, Shinryu's Lair, and finally the Lethe Court. Obstacles block progression along the way, and a few non-player characters must be sought out to proceed into the dungeon.

The main three bosses are fought in different areas after clearing the first half of the dungeon: Omega Mk.II is found in the Tomb of Memory, Neo Shinryu is fought in Shinryu's Lair, and Enuo is fought in the Lethe Court. Each is a more difficult version of a one fought in the Interdimensional Rift, and requires more preparation, levels, and equipment in comparison.

Defeating Enuo earns the Necromancer job, and the door from the cave entrance to the Cloister of the Dead unlocks. This challenge is an area divided into six groups of five battles against bosses fought throughout the game, and is mostly an endurance challenge.

Musical themes[]

Four musical themes are for the Sealed Temple. "Library of Ancients" plays at the main hub of the Sealed Temple. "Dungeon" plays at the entrance of the Sealed Temple, River of Souls, Ruined Shrine, Titan's Grotto, Heart of Ronka, Abyssal Falls, and Shinryu's Lair. "Slumber of Ancient Earth" is used at the Tomb of Memory. "In Search of Light" is used at Lethe Court and Cloister of the Dead.




  1. It can be presumed that the Ancients who built the Sealed Temple are the same as those who built the Library of the Ancients. Based on their similar attire to those in the Phantom Village, and the Phantom Villagers' awareness of Enuo,[2] it is possible they are the same Ancients. Though unclear if the Ancients are connected to the Ronkan civilization behind the Ronka Ruins, one of the Sealed Temple's areas is the Heart of Ronka.