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The Sealed Cave, also known as the Cave of the Seal, is a location in Final Fantasy III. Located in the Sasune area, it lies beyond a lake and surrounded by water, to prevent any access except by canoe or airship. The undead inhabit this area, and Djinn resides here as well.

Story Edit

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The party visits the cave to rescue Princess Sara and to fight the Djinn to remove his curse, which has turned the people of the nearby town of Kazus and Castle Sasune into ghosts. Halfway through the cave, they find the princess, who aids and follows them through the rest of the dungeon. At the bottom of the cave, they meet the Djinn, and defeat him, returning to Castle Sasune afterwards.

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Items Edit

Item Location Image
Potion B1 FFIII Sealed Cave Potion
Cure B1 FFIII Sealed Cave Cure
500 gil B2 FFIII Sealed Cave 500 Gil
Antarctic Wind B3 FFIII Sealed Cave Antarctic Wind
Eye Drops B3

Enemies Edit

Battle background Edit

Altar Cave

Musical themes Edit

"Dungeon" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII DS Dungeon Theme

The background music that plays inside the Sealed Cave is the "Dungeon" track.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Sealed Cave FFIII

Princess Sara had not been kidnapped: she set out for the Sealed Cave on her own to banish the Djinn with the mythril ring. The Warriors of Light join her as she attempts to put an end to the Djinn's curse.

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