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FFIV PSP Sealed Cave

Entrance to the Sealed Cave in Final Fantasy IV in the PSP release.

The Sealed Cave (封印の洞窟, Fūin no Dōkutsu?) is a recurring location concept in Final Fantasy series. As the name implies, it is usually a cave sealed by a means of an item or items.


Final Fantasy IIIEdit

FFIIIPC Sealed Cave

Sealed Cave in Final Fantasy III in the PC release.

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Final Fantasy IVEdit

The Sealed Cave is located in the Underworld and can only be opened with Luca's pendant.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

This game's Sealed Cave is the Cave of the Gi, which is officially referred to as "Sealed Cave" in the menu in the area of descent. The cave is sealed behind the Gate of Naught in Cosmo Canyon and only Bugenhagen can open it. It is visited once in the game as part of the storyline.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Mushroom Rock Ravine

Entrance to the Den of Woe.

The Den of Woe, known in the Japanese release as Mushroom Rock Road: Sealed Cave, is an optional cave located within the Mushroom Rock Ravine. It is sealed with ten Crimson Spheres.

Final Fantasy XVEdit


Sealed door.

Various caves and ruins in Lucis have sealed doors in their depths that denote the locations of post-game bonus dungeons. In Chapter 15, the player can get the key to open them from Ezma Auburnbrie.

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

FFA Sealed Cave

Entrance to the Sealed Cave in Final Fantasy Adventure.

The Sealed Cave is found in the Palmy Desert sands where the ultimate magic of Nuke is located. It was sealed by Lich and Sumo comes here in search of it.

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