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The Seal Rock.

The Seal Rock is an island in Final Fantasy XIV, located in the Strait of Merlthor. Originally a plot element from the unfinished storyline of version 1.0, the Seal Rock reappeared in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Patch 3.05 as a PvP area for Frontline matches.[1]


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Version 1.0[]

Late in the Sixth Astral Era in the year 1562, an islet suddenly appeared in the Rhotano Sea without any explanation. The name "Seal Rock" was given to it by the Knights of the Barracuda, though the smallfolk of Limsa Lominsa speculated it might be the mythical Swallowtail Roam, where Llymlaen is said to have chained the twin serpents Thalaos and Perykos.

The unconfirmed reports of a colossal sea serpent sighted in the waters strengthened belief in the latter. Many factions schemed to claim any treasures kept on the island, behind the back of the Knights of the Barracudas and Mealvaan's Gate.

One such schemer was the head of the Barracudas himself, Commodore Sthalmann. Sthallman had recruited allies promising them power when he becomes Admiral of the city-state. One of them was Emerick, a man with ties to a Serpent Reaver named Travanchet (actually an Ascian underling), whom would present Navy sailing chart to the Sahagin. During the chaos of the resulting attack, Emerick's boss Carvallain of the Kraken's Arms traveled to the Seal Rock itself, where Emerick pocketed a curious horn artifact on Sthalmann's orders.

Carvellain turned in Emerick to Sthalmann after learning his role in the sahagin attack, whom took him in his protection. With other pirates seeking blood, Sthalmann tricked the Sanguine Sirens into attacking Mealvaan's Gate, and used the fallout to confiscate another artifact from the Seal Rock: a stone tablet with inscriptions in Rhotano Bloodcant.

The tablet would later be lost in a skirmish at sea with Travanchet and the arrival of a sea serpent. As Sthalmann tried to use the horn, Y'shtola demanded he hand it over to Sharlayan, believing its dangerous power is connected to the prophecy of the Seventh Umbral Era. At that point, the Echo sounded and a meteor from the starshower landed nearby, in which Travanchet appeared and confiscated the horn, stating "power as this does not belong in the hands of your kind."[2]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Legend has it that Llymlaen sealed a giant serpent She Herself created within Swallowtail Roam, an island said to drift about the sea so that those with evil intentions might never find it. When Seal Rock was first discovered, many believed it to be the selfsame island─but its true nature remained unknown until the Calamity laid her secrets bare. Upon their return to the island following the fall of Dalamud, Allied forces discovered Allagan tomeliths containing a wealth of knowledge. They concluded that the entire island was in fact an Allagan construct─a proving ground for Omega and other technology they developed to combat the primal threat. As was the case in Carteneau, control of the island and its resources remain disputed, and peaceful negotiations have failed to achieve a resolution. And so, once more, they would settle the matter on the battlefield.

Duty Finder

The island was revisited after the Calamity, where the impact of fragments exposed the presence of large Allagan Tomeliths inside the island. Alliance officials soon speculated the entire island was an Allagan construct that drifted on the ocean.

Like the Carteneau Flats, the potential data became contested grounds by all three city-states despite its proximity to Limsa Lominsa. Thus, it became delegated under the Frontline system.

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The Seal Rock features in Frontline matches.

Seal Rock (Seize)[]

Players must be level 60 to participate, and will be synced to item level 150. There is a 20 minute limit limit. The premise is to control ("seize") the Allagan Tomeliths, with points awarded as their data is extracted. Points are deducted in the event of a K.O. (five points).

The layout of the map is vaguely triangular, with starting areas located in the extremities. The east side contains a beachfront, while the west is mostly craggy terrain. The Pharos Sirius is easily visible far in the eastern horizon.

Allagan Tomeliths[]

The key focus point are the Allagan Tomeliths, large structures jutting out of the ground. Throughout the match, Tomeliths will randomly light up and can be claimed to extract data. Generally, up to four maximum will be active at a time.

A Tomelith is claimed by activating it, at which point it will accrue points to whichever Grand Company is holding it. Once all data is extracted, the Tomelith will deactivate. A new one will light up shortly thereafter somewhere on the map.

Enemy companies can halt this by activating it, removing the previous claim and allowing it to be occupied again. The "Occupying" process is halted if a player comes under attack.

Tomeliths come in three grades: B (blue glow), A (red glow), and S (yellow glow). Higher ranked Tomeliths activate more rarely, but award more points.


The amount of Tactical Points needed to achieve victory depends on match composition:

72 (24v24vs24) 800
48 (16vs16vs16) ???
24 (8vs8vs8) 500
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