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Seadevil is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV found in Cleigne, such as in the area outside Malmalam Thicket, and the Crestholm Channels maze, and during hunts.

A pair of Lv.32 seadevils fights in Cleigne Crossroads and All-Star Monster Mayhem in Totomostro under the team name Fisherman Eaters. Deadly Waters: Seadevil is a fishing lure fashioned after a sahagin.


An enormous subspecies of sahagin found in southern Cleigne. Similar to its more commonplace cousin, it resides in the water and preys on animals that venture near the shoreline, but sprays a high-pressure water stream to stun its target before launching a proper attack.
Size: 24.54 ft. Weight: 1.82 t
A seadevil swept up by the current and sent drifting all the way to Galdin Quay. Though otherwise identical to the seadevils native to Cleigne, it seems as if its aquatic journey has somehow transformed it into a more fearsome foe.
Size: 24.60 ft. Weight: 1.82 t
A sturdy subspecies of seadevil living in the depths of the Crestholm Channels. Scientists believe its abnormal strength stems from either separation from its natural habitat or adjustment to the harshness of its new one.
Size: 24.80 ft. Weight: 1.83 t


A Nightmare Came by FerryGaldin Quay3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Seadevil x5Vannath Coast (All Times)284,250 gil, Carbon Bangle★★
Rulers of the BanksOld Lestallum8
Red Hunt Icon.png
Coraldevil x3, Seadevil x3The Maidenwater (All Times)6220,550 gil, Towel★★★★


Lvl 28 Enemy


Lvl 86 Enemy


Seadevil's attacks deal physical damage. They can latch onto the player and roll, but the player can button mash when the prompt appears to break free. The player can also prevent this attack by blocking and parrying it. They spray jets of water from their mouths for a ranged attack. They are weak to one-handed swords, firearms and ice. As they appear in groups, the player can easily throw ice elemancy to their midst.


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